La Carerra Panamericana by Pink Floyd

I sincerely hope this does not violate any forum policies, but I wondered how many here have seen the 1992 film by Nick Mason and David Gilmore of Pink Floyd. It is available on YouTube now: and features the guys in two race prepared Proteus C’s as well as a real C driven (and wrecked) by Alain de Cadenet. The best part for an old rockin’ roller like me, aside from the Jag’s, is the original Pink Floyd musical score accompanying the film.

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Have a copy of that on VHS. Didn’t one of the band break a leg in a crash . This is the best version of that race.

I haven’t actually watched it in years, but am rewatching it right now. I think it was David Gilmore that had the wreck and broke his leg, but I’ll now in a few minutes. Great film. It was the film that put the Carerra on my best car buddy and my bucket lists. And, I now have the car to do it in, hmm…

It was Steve O’Rourke that broke his leg (co-driver with David Gilmore)

I believe Mason’s C replica sold recently at auction:

It is now available for sale at Classic Showcase:

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