Lack of side, tail, glove box, cigarette lighter and hood lights


it is my first post here but I was reading the forum and I hope you can help me.
I have Daimler LHD 1992. i am currently experiancing a issue with no light:

  • tail
  • side
  • glove box
  • cigatette lighters
  • hood.

relays seems to be fine. Fuses in box 1, 2 and 3 as well.
VCM is showing massage: Fuse 6.

can you please share any adivice please?

regards, Lukas

update: i replaced 2x30A fuses near the inertia swith, failure still can be displayed after pressing VCM button.
I see that there areseperate 2 problems:

  • lack of lights
  • Fuse 6

any advice appraciated.

regards, Lukas

Not familiar with the XJ40 electrical schematic but just a suggestion - if you tested fuse 6 with an ohm meter and it tested as good, then check the fuse connections to make sure they are clean and secure enough to make good contact at the fuse/

small update:

  1. i did bridge with paper clip on relay slot and light came on. Should I look for the problem in facia light switch than?
  2. VCM - my mechanic told me to press the button before switchin ingnition. Doing this I have Fuse 6 and 5 failor but now I am thnking that this might not be correct. System requieres around 40 sec to check all elements. Simple quesstion is: when should VCM button pressed?

regards, Lukas

You folks that are new(er) to Jag-Lovers may not know there is a wealth of information available on the old site that is at (the current site being .com rather than .org). There is an e-book here:
Jag-lovers' Ebooks Book Index
The answer to your simple question is in section 6.2. Hope this helps.

From memory fuse 6 is going to be one of the in line fuses which are NOT located in the three fuse boxes.

thanks Mike, yes it helps :slight_smile:
Robin, I know, those fuses are near the inertia switch. I already replaced them.

update: i did further investigations and lighting logic unit does not work properly.
will change or repair.

it was a lot of fun :slight_smile: