Late summer fun

My daughter and I had the pleasure of taking in a mini car show and slalom today in Frisco, TX . Hot as blazes, but great fun! Several e-types took to the cones.

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Do you know the story around the customized E-type (behind the cluster of people in the 2nd picture?) No bonnet? And apparently the same vehicle in the last picture (in front of the trailer in the last pic?)


That was a cool one and I wish I had taken more pics. It was an S3 that had been creatively reworked to a coupe roofline (more or less) and hand hammered (really, hammered) rear flares. My daughter and I thought it was great! It drove out for the slalom but didn’t run before we decided to roll out. I really wanted to hear that V12 howl!

Check out this exhaust layout. :grin::+1:

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There was also an E that had alligator skin dash, console and boot board. It sounds crazy but was really well done. No pics of the interior, sadly. I did like how he treated the windows by adding a little strip of aluminum tape to mimic what should have been a chrome finisher.

Not entirely sure I’d want that hot exhaust pipe that close to a fuel filter/pump…!

And, from what I can see/assume, inside the cabin.

Yeah, it was rough! Sorta the Millennium Falcon of e-types.

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