Later XK140 radiator needed

I have discovered that the radiator on my 1956 XK140 SE OTS, though in very good original condition, is the wrong version. I’m showing the car in concours and so need a C.9616 that looks completely authentic. I have placed a wanted ad on this site, but wanted to see if anyone has a suggestion for a completely original looking new or refurbishable C.9616.

The rib top, right?
NARgroup in the UK has it.


You probably have the early XK 140 version C.7523 that was used until May 1955 and of which about 2500 have been manufactured. Could you show a picture of the “Marston” tag at the front of the radiator? It normally would look like one of the examples shown below. I could help you to determine the “correct” period your radiator was used (and possibly make another early XK 140 owner happy…).

Bob K.

If it’s any help, my late ‘140 manufactured on 19 September 1956 has this tag on its radiator. I believe this radiator is the original one.

By chance, 19 Sept 1956 was exactly 67 years ago today.


As far as I know, Marston stopped marking their radiators in 1955. There are some references of a number somewhere on the radiator, but I haven’t found any logic in these numbers.
I guess yours is also a “repair” tag.

Bob K.

Here is a shot that shows the Marston tag on my 1960 MK IX:

It is the “M E L” version, with “ORDER P121 13” and “SERIAL 2428”.


You’re correct: order number P121 has been used for the Mk VIII and IX.
I was informed about P121 13 with Serial Nº 44260, so a much later number than your 2428.

I’ve no idea why Marston stopped using these tags in 1955 on the XK 140 and XK 150, but continued using these on the Mk VIII in 1956. May be it has to do with different production locations of Marston.

For those interested, I’ve meanwhile gathered the following Marston order numbers. But further information is lacking. It was because of this Forum that I was able to gather sufficient material on our beloved XK 120/140/150 cars.

Bob K.


The later XK140 and XK150 radiators still had the serial number stamped in

Yes Terry, but not the well-known Marston tag.
Therefore it’s remarkable that Marston continued the use of these plates/tags on the Mk VIII and IX.

Bob K.

This the tag on my radiator, clearly the P102 15A. Any suggestions on where to get an original P102, since that is the later version? Seems that NAR is the best bet for a reproduction.

Gary could you send some more photos of yours since its the later model? Thanks


Although the serial number is somewhat difficult to read (I guess 1110) it was probably fitted to an early 1955 XK 140. These numbers would run up to around 2500. before the radiator was modified.

The later radiator version is totally different and I’ve added some pics of my August 1955 XK 140 radiator, just for comparison.

Bob K.

Maybe Marston stopped putting their tags on the later XK radiators simply because there was no room with those ribs on the top tank.

Bob thanks for sharing this. I am unable to locate an original P102 radiator looks like NAR is my best bet. This will help me make sure it really looks original. I’ve already bought one that I was assured was identical to the original–but it isn’t.

Your photo also reminded me that I need to paint my oil filter housing that brown. Did you do that? Do you happen to have a color number? Thanks

I found Plastikote FM8112 for 1980s Ford Truck “Desert Tan Metallic” is about as close a match as anyone could ask for.
oil filter 007

Original 120 and repainted 140 heads.


Found a colour that reasonably matched some of the old paint on my filter. It of course depends very much on where you live. See Rob’s example for the USA.
Here in Europe we have brands like MOTIP that offer a wide choice of colours, in my case I used Motip 51360. The results is acceptable (at least for me). See pic.

Bob K.

And another, note its a subtle metallic brown/bronze colour - or in period terminology ‘opalescent’. I have a good 50% paint original, that I took to a local specialist paint shop and got them to an exact colour match by ‘eye’ - far more accurate than all the various electronic/scanning machinery - and then put it in a normal size paint pressure pack container. Formula I don’t know, but my pressure pack of exact colour matched paint is labelled - ‘XK140 Oil Cleaner Brown’. Don’t think you will see that on any of the main stream charts… but see pics, bearing in mind the real colour differs from what you see in these electronic images…noting the darker appearance of the head is more accurate than the over exposed brightness of the canister

PS. I have now found an undamaged/perfect condition main bolt with its WHITWORTH sized hexagon - replacing the pictured one typically butchered by US workshops/garages that try to force on an AF spanner… :sleepy:

Here are some photos of the oil filter from my November 1956 built XK 140 MC OTS. I elected not to repaint the cannister as I wanted to preserve the color and the lettering. I don’t believe there was any sign of old paint on the top so I just cleaned it up a bit.

Good decision Bob, these later FA.2708 Oil Cleaners with bottom-up main bolt, have the painted on label which would not be easy to accurately replicate, although clear stickers with white printed on lettering are available. These FA.2708 Oil Cleaners were used on XK140s from Engine No. G6233 to the last, and as you show have the same opalescent brown/bronze cannister, but the Head was not painted, remaining bare aluminium as you have done… See attached pic of another exceptional well preserved original paint/label FA.2708…

The earlier Oil Cleaner FA.2690/101 as per all three of the previous photos were fitted to XK140s Engine Nos G.1908 to G.6232 and as shown, had both the Cannister and Head painted the same Tecalemit Bronze, or as I describe an opalescent brown/bronze