Laycock overdrive and Gearbox: Northern California Repair


Can anybody recommend an outfit near the San Francisco area that can inspect/service/repair an overdrive unit and manual gearbox. The unit is out of the car and I am looking for advice before installing.

Thank You in advance.

Mark Verwiel
San Rafael CA

They rebuilt a Laycock for us that we were using in a Bentley 4.5. The work was timely, on estimate and drama-free
Richard Crump
Enid, Ok


Sorry about that.

Gear Venders in El Cajon, Ca

They, Gear Venders, will not touch it. Interesting in that they reportedly bought Laycock at some point.

Got a couple of your messages Mark while I was in UK/Belgium. I returned with message to call for discussions, to save me typing?


No worries Peter all is good here I will call you I’ve been very swamped with work last. couple of days

Mark, try XK’s Unlimited.