Lead seal for seat belts

Hello guys,
I found in my S type 1965 (exported new to the USA) this lead seal next to the eyebolt for attaching the seat belt.
On the seal there is on one side Jaguar stamped and on the other site FWIM 229 A as shown in the pictures.
I’am curious if someone in the USA has ever seen such a lead seal attached to the seatbelt eyebolts or knows what the abbreviation FWIM 229 A means.
The cars exported to mainland Europe, Afrika and Australia did not have these seals.

greetings Hans


Hi, Yes my 65 OTS E type had the same lead sealed strap around the eye hook for the seatbelt. I cut the wire strapping, zinc plated it and resoldered it back on the eye hook. Believe it was to certify that the seatbelts were of the correct US spec.

I was stripping the floorboards of my '65 Mk10 the other day and found the identical tags on all 4, although I haven’t looked closely at the imprint. It’s nice to know that it’s a factory part. BTW, I’m in the process of ordering new 3-point belts from SeatBeltPlanet and if you call them, they can be supplied with original style snap hooks that will use those mounts. You would still have to mount the retractor reel separately. I don’t have a heritage certificate for the car, but it’s my understanding that it was originally supplied to the US.

Thanks both of you for the info and confirming my thoughts about the seals.
The seal will be stored with the rest of the non reused small parts.

Greetings Hans Drop