Leaky fuel pressure regulator

I changed the oring on FPR and stopped the small leak but now the engine runs too lean. I did Charge the system several times with the key disconnected the battery, I don’t have a pressure gauge any ideas? Thanks

Hi AJ, what car is it exactly that you have? The forum you have posted in is for the early XK engine 2.4 3.4 3.8 or 4.2 it sounds like nyou might be talking about a later car?

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I’m sorry thanks for answering. 2000 XK8 4.0 I just bought gauge for it about to hook it up. Could the module have shut anything down when I opened up the fuel rail? I did forget to disconnect the battery when I did that.

So you are in fact posting on the wrong forum. I believe you will get more, and more relevant, comments if you move your post to the XK8 forum.

I have moved the post to the XK8 forum, did you perhaps disturb the intake manifold? Start the car and spray brake clean or engine start around the inlet manifold to see if the engine revs change.