Leaky valve cover needs repair

Is anyone able to provide me with the torque specs for the valve cover as well as tell me what else I’ll need when replacing the valve cover gasket?

Avoid any aftermarket cover gaskets.

I believe the torque spec is 5 Nm.

You may as well replace the 6 spark plug well gaskets. Aftermarket works fine here. URO brand has worked for me.

You should also replace the 13 gaskets at each of the 13 bolts you are tightening at the cover. Best place to find these are at RockAuto, however I find that they are soft and am looking into biting the bullet and buying OEM gaskets…. RockAuto sells them for about $1 each, OEM is like $7 each….multiplied by 13 and yikes!

I’m assuming you have the AJ16 engine

Assumption is correct and I appreciate the info. And the gasket I ordered was the more expensive one off partsgeek as well as the o rings for the spark plugs. I did opt out for getting the o-rings for the nuts only because I want the condition of the ones in there now, but thinking about it I should just do it anyways, but I also had to buy an abs sensor that was $570 so that kinda deterred me a little bit lol.

I had to buy an ABS sensor as well…paid the $500+ for it, like you. Finally did fix my ABS sensor issue, so I guess it was worth it…

As for the camcover gasket, let me know how that works out. I haven’t had luck with Eurospare parts. The gasket I was referring to is even more expensive than the pricier one on Partsgeek, so I am wondering if you have better luck. You’ll know when you try to apply the gasket. It will either fit well, or seem about an inch too long. You’ll be able to fight it in there, but I find that it doesn’t seal all that well in the long term.

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