Leaper on USA models

I have noticed that there are leaper mascots on some of the first iteration of the XF imported into the US. Does anyone here know if this a dealer-installed enhancement, or a factory option? I believe these were phased out in the UK / EU around this time or earlier for pedestrian safety concerns. Somehow, despite the modern styling compared to the retro looks of the S-Type, it still very much befits the car.

Never have grokked this thought: you get slammed into by a 3000-4000 pound machine, and either thrown violently to the ground, and/or run over by said 3000-4000 pound machine…and we’re worried about what the freakin’ hood ornament’s gonna do to you??


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Yes in the name of pedestrian safety
From the factory Minus the Flying Lady with its retractable automatic drop out of sight they are not legal from the factory.
Now can they be bolted after market or even from a dealer if you supply them the part , I’ve seen it done. They should refuse but…
Along with knock offs and other things it’s all in your best interest …Boooooo

I came across a Newsweek article explaining the demise of the hood ornament is partly European regulations and trying to homologate a car for the all markets, plus, and this surprised me a little, lack of interest. People weren’t interested in putting down $200 for it. I have seen 2009 to 2011 models of the XF here in the US with a leaper, but it does look like a somewhat popular dealer-installed add-on. So I am old-fashioned and not with the latest trends!

Yes, and although being hit by a 4000 pound Jaguar would be painful enough, I am sure it is corporate liability concerns of litigation for an eye poked out.

The Jaguar Leaper Hood Ornament is a Accessory Option that can be purchased and installed by the Dealer. Here is what it says in the Accessory Manual
With this instantly recognizable figure
mounted to the hood of your XF,
there’s no mistaking your sports sedan
for anything but pure Jaguar. Finished
in chrome and appearing poised to
devour the road ahead, this classic
Jaguar accessory puts the finishing
touch on your XF like no other.

Well, Ms. Duncan might have been with us a bit longer, had the Amilcar been equipped with earless knockoffs…:wink:

This argument is a mirror of the argument on the X300 site that was put to rest by a lister that had toured the factory and seen X300’s coming down the line with leapers installed on NA spec cars. Because of demand in the US and Canada, NA spec cars have a breakaway leaper installed at the factory. My 04 X Type wagon has a factory installed leaper. If you look on the underside of the hood, you will see where provision has been made for installation of the leaper. Purists would have you believe that no Jaguar after the S III had a leaper, but that only applies where the Brusselcrats rule.

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Saturday night a guy driving a Jag picked up a couple of hood ornaments on I5 in Seattle. Might not have been silver Jaguars, maybe Black Panthers.

Thanks, Luke2. Much appreciated information.

The leaper on all my x300 were spring loaded from the factory.
Later there was a wire added underneath.

Yes, for good reason. The 4000 pound cars have rounded edges, the bonnet gives a little and the leaper is a hook that grabs you, can tear you apart and rip your intestines out no problem, which is why it must be spring loaded. I‘d prefer broken bones, bruises and whiplash over death if possible.