Leaping Cats, incommunicado

I’d like to order a few panels. I’ve sent 3 emails in a week, no answer. I tried calling (from USA. “Leaping Cats” shows on my screen so I know it’s the correct number) and Verizon answered and said there are calling restrictions preventing my call from connecting.

No online orders,
No emails,
No phone.
Not a great way to try to sell parts to me.

Are they still active?

Just phoned them to check. Linda says there are no issues their end and I got straight through. Check the number
0044 2476 313139
Or email
Let me know if you can,'t get through.

With US exit prefix and the England code:
011 44 0 24 7631 3139 The second 0 is inserted whether I type it or not.

I tried again, got this message:
Welcome to Verizon Wireless; were sorry the number you have dialed has calling restrictions that have prevented the completion of your call.

Have they restricted overseas calls because they don’t ship international, or at least to the States?

I can go elsewhere, I’d just like to know if they’re having a problem and would like to fix it.

Wow you have to dial an exit code to phone out of the USA? Is this big brother watching :slight_smile:
If I phone the UK from NZ I just use the 0044 prefix.

You could email , they have no restrictions

Tried 3 emails, no answer.

We could have an area code that starts with a country’s code. In this case 440 is an area code in Cleveland Ohio. There is no area code in the US starting with 011 so it’s used to get us off-shore rather than Cleveland.

Sometimes the second zero is not included when dialing on international calls. For example, see https://www.area-codes.org.uk/024-area-code.php which instructs how to dial area code 024 in England. That makes the phone number a two digit area code and eight digit phone number within that area code.

To clarify, you may wish to try calling +44 24 7631 3139 or 011 44 24 7631 3139 , but not 011 44 024 7631 3139

They’re probably on “holiday”, when aren’t they?

terrible work ethic

Their website shows the zero in their number. “024 7631 3139”.

I’ve now tried 3 more times this morning. This time I didn’t get any message, it just rang…

Too bad, but there are other suppliers.

I’ve been in contact with Lynda for the past couple of months via email (the one listed on their web site) without any problems. I know that she is not in the office on Fridays. I visited their shop in September, and they were very busy with about a dozen cars in various stages of completion.

Vonage provides instructions for how to dial UK from the US, see https://blog.vonage.com/international-calling/how-to-call-the-u-k-from-the-u-s/ , which shows the full number of area code plus phone number is coded at ten digits when dialing. This is done be not dialing the front zero indicated locally on UK.

Nextiva shows how to dial a UK number from the US at https://www.nextiva.com/blog/how-to-call-the-uk-from-the-us.html . Their directions specifically show how to dial area code 024 by deleting the zero.

Hope that helps.

I’ve dialed Steve Baker in the UK many times and haven’t had a problem. If I dial Leaping Cats’s # without the “0”, the call proceeds, but the “0” is inserted anyway, and I get no answer or the notice that the call is not allowed. Even if the call doesn’t go through, caller ID shows me “Leaping Cats” on the screen so it is being recognized as belonging to them with and without the zero.

No matter now. SC got the order. Answered my email on the first bounce, answered the phone on the first try, and has a great website order platform.

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For future reference on overseas calls to UK and almost any country, if you dial the local-use digit (zero) in front of the area code from abroad. your phone will not connect because you’re not local. Operator error.

If you dial without the 0 but your phone inserts it and displays the name, you have presumably saved the contact and the phone is speed-dialling the number you have stored, complete with incorrect 0. Operator error. Erase or edit that contact.

The company displays its phone and fax numbers correctly for UK customers. The additional number(s) needed before a country code is 00 for most countries of the world. America chose not to follow the recommendation of the International Telecommunication Union, probably because it has the word union in it?. Operator error. Paris agreement? Operator error. ICC? Geneva Convention Protocols? You get the picture. It’s tough being exceptionally exceptional.

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