Led dash light changes

OK I want to be clear on changing the little bulbs for tach…speedo…1988 xjs

  1. Remove cover over bulbs and simply replace in proper polarity.
  2. Do I understand that it is that simple ?
  3. Can someone give me the bulb numbers that work best ?
  4. What about color of bulb.
  5. Is there anything else affected by the change.?

I used these, work like a charm. 194-BHP5


ok…are my other thoughts correct on this …just change the bulbs

If I remember, piece of cake. Remove rubber boots that give regular bulbs their color, pop out old ones from behind, pop in new ones. I can’t remember if the polarity was important or not - I supplied a 12V lantern battery to the correct leads to see if they all worked or not.

I prefer blue, so chose blue.

ok… now do I have to loosen up guage cluster .or…reach up from behind…I just never have done this on the jag…where are the bulbs…there are a bunch of miniatures up on top in the front but I assume the gauges bulbs are down and behind…can you just give me the procedure …all I care about is the speedo and tach.

I totally removed instrument cluster from vehicle. Only way to reach them.

alright that’s what I wondered…that sounds like more than I want to do…hardly drive anywhere at night anymore…that kind of work goes against my short attention span and stiff neck (I’m almost 75)