LED front and rear turn signals

With grease stained copies of Jobber News on the tank and a pin-up calendar on the wall?

I feel fortunate to have a deep sink with hot and cold running water.

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AND a beer fridge…


Reminds me of an old joke.
What’s the difference between a surgeon and a mechanic? A surgeon washes his hands AFTER he goes to the bathroom

Reminds me of an article from a few years ago:
Mech vs doctor.pdf (262.7 KB)



A corollary…:grimacing:

An mechanic was removing the engine parts from a racing car when he saw a famous heart surgeon in his shop.

He went to him & said, “Look at this engine… I opened its heart, took the valves out, repaired and put them back. So why do I get such a small salary? and you get huge sums???”

The doctor smiled at the mechanic, came close to his ear and said, “Try doing the same when the engine is running.”

The mechanic smiled back, came close to doctor’s ear and said, “I can pick any dead engine and make it alive… But can you ???”

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Back to regularly scheduled programming.

Got the CEC clicking flasher today. Works as advertised. All signals flash at a nice rate, dashboard indicators fully operate and it clicks! Plug and play, except it needs grounding with the supplied, integrated wire. I chose to ground it on the speedometer mounting post. Recalled and found a knurled “I won’t throw this out, maybe I can use it someday” nut in a drawer that justifies saving any other “maybe someday” item. Used it to secure the ground wire to the post.

Using the silent square red flasher (AES/UK [still not received] or Superbrite [2 day deliver]) for the 4 way hazard. If I’m using it, I’ll know it and not need an audible reminder.

Happy camper here. All plug and play. Very bright lights all around.

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John - my garage bathroom will have a toilet, most likely a shower, a sink . . . and I am seriously considering a urinal.

and (John) I will have deep a deep sink, H&C water - - - and (Doug) already have the beer 'fridge; priorities!!

Still a work in progress – expecting to take occupancy this spring. The shop (on left) is 48’ wide, 36’ deep with 14’ tall walls. The storage area is 24’x24’ with 10’ walls.

The above is from the small room looking into shop floor – open rectangle = pad for 2-post lift

After pex tubing was added (above). The 2" x 6"s on the floor mark the wall for my Dirty Room (buffer, drill press, blast cab, etc. The future bathroom is the “pit” to the right without insulation/pex. And . . .

As of 07JAN20:

I had the mounting hardware for the garage doors powder coated for a more finished look. More red coating to follow

All that remains before the final construction inspection from the regional board is roughed-in electric. And then the dressing goes on the structure . . .

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Powder coated hinges and rails on the garage doors is a nice touch. Our builder, or rather the door supplier, turned us on to that.

Interesting way your Pex tubing for radiant is laid. Since our hobby garage floor is concrete planks and the space underneath used for additional garage space (the show garage), the floor has a full rubber membrane on top of the planks, followed by wire mesh and then Pex prior to the concrete pour.

Are you using a coating on top of the concrete?

Pics of planks and pour ready floor. Blank spaces for lift mounting.

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If and when we move and I get a different garage I’m thinking something like this:

Looks like you have room for something a bit wider.

After a few years use it will look much better than the beige laundry room sink I currently have in my garage at present.

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I got it narrowed down to a thick 100% epoxy or an opaque sealer. How opaque and the available color selection (and cost) are the primary driving factors. I don’t have two garages (like you – major garage envy here) so I’m looking for a coating that will be durable and have a “wow” factor (ie - looks stunning).

The 2" insulation I used is specially designed for laying pex tubing. A little pricey, but saved a lot of labor costs for installation. The “mushroom caps” hold the tubes in place, are a snap to install (pun intended), and eliminate the pain-in-the-knees of wire fixing the tubes to the re-bar with wire or cable ties. The hold of caps so impressed to guys pouring my 4" pads they felt totally safe cutting the control cuts without fear of nipping a tube.

I love the dual usage garages you have. Quite the engineering feat. When I first saw the tubes in the planks, I thought that was where the heating tubes were going to be installed. – Craig

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John – thanks for that link. I hadn’t started research tubs/sinks. This look grand.
You’re correct – I’m leaning toward a 36 or 48 inch wide slop sink. Thanx again. – Craig

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In post 96 above, the grey floor in my hobby garage is epoxy. 2 step process, epoxy with quartz sand thrown over it, excess sand removed, top layer of epoxy, about 1/8" total thickness. Nice that it fills in all the control joints in the concrete for a flat floor that’s easy to sweep or wash. Indestructible as concrete, impervious to fluids, no worries about hot tires lifting epoxy paint. I’ve had it for over 30 years in my garages, the best. All sorts of colors and pigment size, flakes, that can be broadcast into the epoxy for any look you want.

Tons of stainless sinks, on Roller Auctions!

Go for longer…:grimacing:

That looks awesome Craig! Let me know when it’s done and I’ll drive over and bring a 6/12/24-pack of whatever beer you like in exchange for a tour! Love to see your cars as well :smiley: I should bring SWMBO along to show her what a real garage looks like but I doubt it’d do any good :sob:

John – very nice. I am looking with the durability you have experienced. I’ll likely go with a lighter color and a shinier reflection. Just like outlets – you can never have enough light.

With apologies to OP for hijacking his LED thread: Doug - there is no admission fee to tour an empty garage; feel free to come down anytime. Wiggie knows the way by heart – maybe you guys can car pool. I’ll keep the lights on for ya.

I sat down last and choreographed the final count down:

Next Steps on Construction of Hobby Shop

  1. Rough-In electrical

  2. Final Inspection

  3. Complete electrical installation

  4. Water in from well-head

  5. Install toilet/shower stall/sink

  6. Install Slop Sink

  7. Install 3x Hose Bibbs – 1. Left of Large Door, 2. Right of Small Door, 3. Centered on rear

  8. Build Walls Around Bathroom

  9. Concrete Floor – Bathroom

  10. Install Manifold and Boiler for In-Floor Heating Tubes

  11. Water out to leach field

  12. Install Welding Table in Dirty Room

  13. Build Walls Around Dirty Room and Populate it
    a. Buffer
    b. Grinder
    c. Drill Press
    d. Blast Cabinet
    e. Oven (Powder Coating)
    f. Parts Washer

  14. Build Loft

  15. Install Ceiling Lighting

  16. Install in Loft Air Compressor

  17. Install Compressed Air Lines (Type L Copper)

  18. Apply Epoxy Flooring

  19. Install Staircase to Loft

  20. Color Coat on Stucco

  21. Purchase/Install Benches made of reclaimed bowling lanes
    a. 3x 8 foot Benches on Coasters
    b. 1x 20 foot Bench with 3x 12-Outlet Power Strips

  22. Install 2-Post Lift

  23. Install Refrigerator

  24. Install Microwave Oven

  25. Hang Wall Art
    a. 11x Cut-a-way Posters of Cars
    b. 4x Large Posters (Bugatti Royale’s/Jag Race Car/Monaco Grand Stands/Last Red Hot)
    c. 1x Wooden Jaguar Plaque
    d. 1x Mock-Up of Riviera Window Sticker
    e. I-Love-Me stuff

  26. Arrange Storage Racks
    a. 1x Accel Stand-Up Yellow Cabinet
    b. 1x Motor Craft Service Writer’s Desk
    c. 1x Aluminum Trash Can
    d. 1x Aluminum 3-Tiered Bottle Rack
    e. 1x Aluminum Wall Tray
    f. 3x Valley Forge 2-Door Cabinets
    g. 3x Craftsman Standing Cabinets
    h. 6x Hardware Racks each with 4 drawers
    i. 1x Rolling Rack of Electrical Connectors
    j. 4x Red Griot’s Bottle Racks
    k. Standing Kar Products Hardware Racks
    l. 2x Library Index Card Files
    m. NAPA 3-Piece Blue Wall Cabinet
    n. 1x 2-Tiered Map Cabinet
    o. 1x Sun Diagnostic Center
    p. 2x Tear-Drop Rack/Shelving
    i. 2x Tumblers
    ii. 1x UltraSonic Cleaner
    iii. 4x U2 Green Hardware Cabinets
    q. 6x Stainless Steel Backer’s Racks




So I have to ask. What projects do you have in mind once the facility is up and running?

John – I happen to be the current custodian of a Series III OTS that last ran under its own in 1992? 93? It was stripped to bare metal, dents/rust repaired and primered. Likely needs a little attention to - - - about everything.

I figure that’ll consume the next 2 years of my life for a total bare shell restoration
My 65 Riviera Gran Sport needs some attention.

Purchase the last car on my bucket list: 71 Buick GS Stage 1 and play with some more wrenches


Assuming these blokes are booked when you have Ye Grande Openinge–:grimacing:–I’m thinking @Erica_Moss could do the lead guitar parts, and we can all help install LED turn signals in the Riv…:joy:

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Got the AES UK flasher 480714 (actually labeled 480718 on the flasher). Works fine, plug and play (w/LEDs only).