LED front and rear turn signals

John, mine had a significant improvement. and I would say that the brake light is now quite bright and fills the space better compared to the left one. Did you use red bulbs? You might also compare in sunlight. You might see whether they have improved visual, such as to another driver.

Yes, red 1156 and 1157. Front ww 1156. The tail/brake is more of an improvement in the rear.

What did you do in your 4 way flasher?

I used a second one of the ones from AES. You might be able to contact them and have them send a second in the same mailing.

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Larry Trom

Anyone tried the flasher from Superbrites?


It has the correct pin orientation. Might as well try it

I have one on order. Will report back.

I tried an EL-13 I had in the drawer today, no joy.

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FYI it has no “clicking” sound.

I saw that, but I don’t think the one from AES UK does either, which has been shown to be plug and play. Frankly, I think this is the same flasher with slightly different graphics.

John, this one does click, has the correct pin orientation, but requires grounding: https://www.classiccarleds.co.uk/collections/indicator-relays-electronic/products/12v-electronic-indicator-flasher-relay-classic-car-with-oe-click-x-l-p-2-3-pin

Thanks. Looks similar to this (mentioned above) which does not indicate whether it clicks or not


That is correct, the AES is silent as its completely electronic. No mechanical relay to make a click.
what is important to keep in mind is it also is NOT designed to work with incandescent lamps.
So if you try using it to flash a pair of 1156 or 57 bulbs it will probably fry.


yes, that one clicks, it has a relay in it, but as you can see, it requires a wire to ground to work

LEDs at all four corners from SuperBrite.

To click or not to click, that is the question.

Thanks for the responses.

Follow up. I was further perusing the Superbrite.com website and noticed in the 1156 and 1157 bulb configurations that other options are available, 28 series rather than 27 in particular. They are longer and thinner than the 27 series(which is close to original incandescent size), but lumens (light output) increases from 330 to 550 and 320 to 580 respectively on the 1157 and 1156 (lumens/100=watts according to the website), big increase. 1157 is park/brake rear, 1156 is signal front/rear. So, I decided to try it. And, while I was at it, I got LEDs for the front parking lights, a BA9 base, and the rear back up light, a 1156 bulb. Being longer, I checked the dimensions on the website and determined they would fit with room to spare.

Got them today (2 day delivery for me). I’ll say the difference in the 28 vs.27 LED bulb is noticeable and certainly far better than incandescent. The front BA9 parking lights are really bright, way brighter than the low wattage originals. The backup light is spectacular. I’m pleased with the results all the way around and will be keeping the 28s.

The rear 1156/1157 are red to be brightest through the red lens. I went with amber in the front as I felt that is more noticeable than white. You can’t tell unless the light is flashing. The rear backup is natural white and the front BA9 parks are cool white (very white).

The FL3-Red-K Flasher works perfectly for both signals and 4 way hazard (I think it’s the same as the recommended 480714 AES from UK). It is silent. In fact, it works so well, I now get a full flash of the green indicator on my dash as opposed to the quick flick from the mechanical relay with incandescent bulbs. I’m getting the CES flasher Friday from Amazon with the ground wire that clicks and will report back.

Lots of pics to tell the story and the parts list from Superbrite. Brake intensity not shown, which is even brighter, as I can’t step on the brake and take a picture simultaneously (and was too lazy to ask my wife).


Looks great! Thanks for the update and let us know how the other flasher works.

Are you allowed to bring tools into that car museum?? :stuck_out_tongue:

seriously! your place is too nice. I bet you roll out a linen cloth to put your tools on before you start!! where are the oil stains? thats not fair !!


Thanks. That garage is my show garage and where the cars are stored over winter also. I’ll do “dry” work on them like these LEDs or installing the Retrosound radio that I did earlier. Above the rear part of that garage is the hobby garage where the real work is done. We built and moved into this house in 2016 and provisions for my wife’s and my hobbies were planned.

Pics of the hobby garage before the lift was installed and after.

Bfastr, thanks for your earlier work on the flashers, helped greatly to avoid all the trial and error. Bob Thomas, I’ll report on the clicking flasher hopefully Friday.

And your dog is so well behaved he didn’t move an inch, while you installed lights and took other pictures :wink: :joy:

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That is a seriously nice garage.

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The real one is pretty good too. She’s ready to roll in my brother’s MGB that I was storing over winter.

Thanks. Tried to think it out as best I could for my needs.

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