LED front and rear turn signals

With apologies to OP for hijacking his LED thread: Doug - there is no admission fee to tour an empty garage; feel free to come down anytime. Wiggie knows the way by heart – maybe you guys can car pool. I’ll keep the lights on for ya.

I sat down last and choreographed the final count down:

Next Steps on Construction of Hobby Shop

  1. Rough-In electrical

  2. Final Inspection

  3. Complete electrical installation

  4. Water in from well-head

  5. Install toilet/shower stall/sink

  6. Install Slop Sink

  7. Install 3x Hose Bibbs – 1. Left of Large Door, 2. Right of Small Door, 3. Centered on rear

  8. Build Walls Around Bathroom

  9. Concrete Floor – Bathroom

  10. Install Manifold and Boiler for In-Floor Heating Tubes

  11. Water out to leach field

  12. Install Welding Table in Dirty Room

  13. Build Walls Around Dirty Room and Populate it
    a. Buffer
    b. Grinder
    c. Drill Press
    d. Blast Cabinet
    e. Oven (Powder Coating)
    f. Parts Washer

  14. Build Loft

  15. Install Ceiling Lighting

  16. Install in Loft Air Compressor

  17. Install Compressed Air Lines (Type L Copper)

  18. Apply Epoxy Flooring

  19. Install Staircase to Loft

  20. Color Coat on Stucco

  21. Purchase/Install Benches made of reclaimed bowling lanes
    a. 3x 8 foot Benches on Coasters
    b. 1x 20 foot Bench with 3x 12-Outlet Power Strips

  22. Install 2-Post Lift

  23. Install Refrigerator

  24. Install Microwave Oven

  25. Hang Wall Art
    a. 11x Cut-a-way Posters of Cars
    b. 4x Large Posters (Bugatti Royale’s/Jag Race Car/Monaco Grand Stands/Last Red Hot)
    c. 1x Wooden Jaguar Plaque
    d. 1x Mock-Up of Riviera Window Sticker
    e. I-Love-Me stuff

  26. Arrange Storage Racks
    a. 1x Accel Stand-Up Yellow Cabinet
    b. 1x Motor Craft Service Writer’s Desk
    c. 1x Aluminum Trash Can
    d. 1x Aluminum 3-Tiered Bottle Rack
    e. 1x Aluminum Wall Tray
    f. 3x Valley Forge 2-Door Cabinets
    g. 3x Craftsman Standing Cabinets
    h. 6x Hardware Racks each with 4 drawers
    i. 1x Rolling Rack of Electrical Connectors
    j. 4x Red Griot’s Bottle Racks
    k. Standing Kar Products Hardware Racks
    l. 2x Library Index Card Files
    m. NAPA 3-Piece Blue Wall Cabinet
    n. 1x 2-Tiered Map Cabinet
    o. 1x Sun Diagnostic Center
    p. 2x Tear-Drop Rack/Shelving
    i. 2x Tumblers
    ii. 1x UltraSonic Cleaner
    iii. 4x U2 Green Hardware Cabinets
    q. 6x Stainless Steel Backer’s Racks




So I have to ask. What projects do you have in mind once the facility is up and running?

John – I happen to be the current custodian of a Series III OTS that last ran under its own in 1992? 93? It was stripped to bare metal, dents/rust repaired and primered. Likely needs a little attention to - - - about everything.

I figure that’ll consume the next 2 years of my life for a total bare shell restoration
My 65 Riviera Gran Sport needs some attention.

Purchase the last car on my bucket list: 71 Buick GS Stage 1 and play with some more wrenches


Assuming these blokes are booked when you have Ye Grande Openinge–:grimacing:–I’m thinking @Erica_Moss could do the lead guitar parts, and we can all help install LED turn signals in the Riv…:joy:

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Got the AES UK flasher 480714 (actually labeled 480718 on the flasher). Works fine, plug and play (w/LEDs only).

So. If I am following this correctly, if I change out the rear stop, turn, running lights and the back up light and not have to change either flasher unit? is that correct?

sorry to revive old thread

When I went to LED bulbs I first replaced the rear turn/stop/taillight bulbs leaving the fronts as incandescent bulbs. Those incandescent front bulbs provided enough resistance to allow the stock flasher to function properly. So the answer to your question is, “Yes, it worked for me”.

When I replaced the front turn signal bulbs with LEDs the stock flasher couldn’t handle the low resistance. I tried various flashers that were suppose to work with LED bulbs, No joy, so I added the resistance thingies I found at Walmart to the front turn signal bulbs.

Yes, they cause a slightly higher amp draw but big deal. In the course of driving the turn signals aren’t on much, unless you’re the old man I follow down the interstate.

The backup lights play no part in whether the turn signals need load resistors or a new flasher, so no worries there.

I also changed out the license plate bulbs.

Bill, you would have to change out the flasher and hazard flasher if there are no incandescent bulbs left. Or wire in the load resistor that John W. did. To me, using a correct flasher is less headache, but my opinion only

Wow that can handle some load…. Especially when you think of the short time intervals these flashers are on!