LED headlight bulbs

I’ve heard that LED headlight bulbs will drain the battery. Is this true, or can you I put LED headlight bulbs into the headlights of my 1996 X300, with out (electrical) “modification”

Off is off, on they consume a lot less, get good ones if you feel the need for LED…

Thank you…A gent told me that the LED has some kind of paricitical (?) load.

Thanks again.

Find another ‘gent’ as David said off is off.
I have just replaced the bulbs in my MGTF as even 75watt low beams were abysmal the LEDs cost $nz45.00 and have a nice cut off with crisp white light.
The brand is VALESUN and H7 style also they are supposed to be CANBUS compatible, I haven’t tried them in my X308 yet.

Thank you for your input Robin. I “have” the LED bulbs, but ed told that I needed to something to the (???) electrical to be able to KEEP THEM from draining the battery…

It didn’t sound accurate to me, so, “here I am”… Looking to “confirm, or deny” that statement.

Thanks again :+1:

Stan, as David said, off is off. LED lamps have no drain on the battery when switched off. What you may have to do is fit a set of resistors in parallel with the lamps if the CANBUS system in your car will not recognise the LEDs and signals “Lamp Failure” even though the LED lamps are specified as “Canbus compliant.” Maybe that works in other cars, but not in a Jag! I use these:
Philips Canbus LED Control Unit (H7). https://bit.ly/48PxcR3
If you are in the USA then you will find them on Amazon.com.
Alternatively, you can use these: https://bit.ly/3v2rnlE

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Thank you Graham. Your infor sems to mirror what I was told before, but just didn’t really understand. I’ll look into this.
Thanks again, and I’ll be looking at the threads that you’ve attached.

Thanks again.