Led turn signal indicators

whenever i use turn signals and turn corner and it kicks off… the other indicator flashes once. i only have leds for the dash indicators… wonder why it does that… going to see if it also kicks in the outside signals too… will have to drive by a store window and see reflections in the window (no helper).

Sounds like a poor earth maybe.

only did it after putting leds in dash indicators… all other bulbs in car are regular except high beam indicator and those turn ones

The flasher unit does not like LEDs Scrimbo… tried as well, does not work, went back to incandescent.
You could try measuring the resistance of the lightbulb and put an equivalent resistance in parallel to the LED, something like 5ohms/3w, and see if it helps.

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I put LED’s in my dash for the turn signals, and they do what you describe . The outside bulbs do not imitate them- I checked. I also wanted my rear facing turn signals to be brighter and this is how you can do that without too much drama. Open the trunk.Close to the LHS bulbs and wiring you will find a small harness meant for connecting to a trailer, with a typical trailer connector at the end.Go to Autozone/Walmart and buy a matching trailer plug that will match the harness, and two sockets meant for 1156 incandescent bulbs. Add these sockets to your new trailer mini harnesses, grounding one end. Plug in the two new bulbs to the two new sockets.Replace the rear facing incandescent bulbs with LEDS of your choice. Now, when you indicate a turn, the extra incandescents hidden in the trunk will flash, along with your new LEDS outside the car. Of course, you will need to get two 1156’s as well, unless you have a couple lurking out in your garage somewhere.

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thanx to all… could try to change it or just live with it… i had a slightly different problem with my HD sportster … put a car flasher in it and the first flash is delayed a little… guess resistance in bulb size has to be matched to flasher…

My XJ-S is ALL LED. The resistance is so small which won’t translate well with the wiring. So in order to make the LED’s work, you need these little power diodes spliced in.

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i dont plan on changing the others to led… it was just the dash indicators i changed

There is a (long) thread on the e-type forum dealing with the LED indicators problem.
After many trials and errors they got it figured out, but needs a new special LED flasher relay.
Didn’t know about the Power Diodes but seams also like an elegant solution.

Stupid expensive, though. Better idea is a regular incandescent bulb hidden in the trunk.

Yes. That’s what I did. Works fine.

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