Left hand car 2002 X type 3.0 Jaguar

(W. Schuster) #1

I would like to install a key operated lock unto the right on the passenger side.
I only use the key now to open or lock the car.

Does anybody have any info. for getting the part and also installation info.

                                                                                    Thanks,    Walter

(motorcarman) #2

I would imagine you could accomplish that by finding a RHD ‘driver’s’ door handle and have a lock cylinder matched to the original key?

If I were to attempt the ‘modification’, that is how I would approach it.


(kassaq) #3

Getting the RHD driver’s door handle is the easy part (along with the inner door locking/release mechanism). Good luck getting the lock cylinder adapted to your other door’s lock/key. There are darn few locksmiths that can cut the keys, let alone have the pieces to modify the barrels. I could be wrong, but there aren’t too many other cars that our locks/keys fit, here in the states.

(W. Schuster) #4

I want a handl and lock for the right side of the car, even if it requires another key.

I’m sure they make the right hand drive in europe so you can lock it from the drivers side in england.


(W. Schuster) #5

Are there some places that might have used door handles with a key lock in it?

I don’t have much info. on used X types.


(kassaq) #6

Possibly on Ebay.UK Since the car would have to be a RHD to have the lock and barrel on the right side.

(kassaq) #7

I just checked Ebay.UK, and found a few right front door handles with the lock hole. I’m not sure how much work it would be to find the corresponding barrel, etc, They would likely be able to be sourced for a US car, and put into the right side door and handle. The door handle cost was about 20 pounds each

(W. Schuster) #8

I’ll look into that, thanks.


(W. Schuster) #9

I’ll look into that too, see what’s available.