Left rear back up light

The left rear back up light is out. It looks like the whole assembly needs to be replace there is no access to the bulb am I correct

There is a cover that pops off. Then you can unclip the bulbholder assembly and replace the bulb.

Thank you for your help. I was just in a Jaguar forum the claimed the X150 models had only one functioning back up on the passenger side. Since the 2 were too bright.

I did change the brake light bulbs and used electrolyte grease. I am getting a brake light out on the display. Do you have any ideas? Or is something that needs to be cleared.

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Can we start again with some more information, please?

What year is your car? You are on the XK8 forum which is X100 not X150. I understood from your first post that you had a reversing light not working and perhaps you were querying if there should be two. My 1997 XK8 definitely has two reversing lights.
Are you saying that one of yours doesn’t work but the other does? And you have a message on the DIC saying a stop light isn’t working?
The reversing lights run on a common feed so if one works the supply is present when it should be. So, the fault must be either a broken wire between to two lamps or a fault of some description in the bulb holder assembly. I think the latter is more likely so it would be worth having a close look at it for corrosion and cleanliness of contacts. All the lights in the cluster use a common ground so if the other lights in the cluster are working properly, the ground appears to OK.

I have a 2007 XK 8 I found in the manual I was able to down load the only one back up light works opposite the driver.

The forum I found several folks claimed that a single back up was common in some cars like Jag and BMW.

I apologize if I am in the wrong forum.

You are on the right forum for XK8 but you mentioned X150 in your second post which is XK not XK8

Anyway, definitely should have both reversing lights. On the side that doesn’t work either with a multimeter or a test lamp check on the multipin plug between pin 2 RHS or pin 6 LHS and ground. This will be the white wire with the yellow tracer in both cases. When in reverse with ignition on, should have 12 volts on both sides of the car.