Lemonz to Le Man Classix

Hey guys any one taking there XJ down to the Le Man Classic this year…? Mine will be going, not sure if the a/c will be working, but she’s going anyway??

Yep, me too. Newhaven-Dieppe Thursday Morning. Think I have blagged a pass to the display area as pre 73

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Bertie I’ll look out for you, we’re travelling down on Thursday to from Calais, would be good to hook up.

Does your car have an RPM reg number?

I can now fully exploit all of the RPM with the manual box! :wink: Sorry what is an RPM reg number…?

PM sent - check inbox

Hi Bertie
so sorry I didn’t get to see you but in actual fact I didn’t get to see all of what I wanted too, had a great time though, but hang on did I not see you and stop to talk to you when you where tuning your carbs and I was after a starter motor!!

Yep that was me. Enforced carb rebuild due to blocked float valve pouring raw fuel over the engine.

Quite the stressful day for both of us but ultimately resolved I gather.

I met a couple of your friends on the ferry way back, told me your starter issue had self resolved.

Cracking trip and car performed brilliantly, though there is always some fettling to be done.