Lets build a 1967 e type together

(j limongelli) #44

Winged it…

Had lots of pictures plus I got lucky he was honest

(j limongelli) #45


Nice original tags

(Gary) #46

That J67 tag indicates it’s originally a California-delivery car. Do you have the vehicle history?

(Ben E) #47

Interesting, I’d never heard that.

BMC cars that came in through California in the 60’s seemed to get a little, black plastic, ‘BMC-6x’ tag screwed under the VIN plate.

I’ve never found an explanation for it, but cars delivered elsewhere never seem to have them.

(Gary) #48

There are few threads about this tag on J-L - here’s one: CAR No/ CHASSIS No - Californian J62 etc prefixes

As suggested in that thread it was “more likely a consumer protection issue of not buying year old cars as new cars” initiated by the State of California. Consumer protection in the 60’s … very impressive! :wink:

(David Ahlers) #49

Hey Joe,
Shouldn’t there be a spring in the bowl under that filter?

PS, I’ve been running unleaded forever. No problems.
Its like after the triple bypass, you can have the occasional cheese steak once the pipes are clean!
I have a NAPA filter in the boot just before the fuel pump in the wing.


(Eric) #50

There’s an old thread about the need for a spring and some forum members thought the friction between the filter throat and the pipe in the filter housing is adequate. I added a spring from the local hardware store just in case.

By the way, the primary issue regarding the gasket with the WIX filter I got from Rock Auto some years ago was in regard to thickness. At least for my filter housing, the top of the filter cartridge hit the raised boss around the pipe before the outer radius/shoulder of the filter made contact with the gasket. So fuel could leak through the gap. The radius was also different , but it was less of an issue than the thickness. Maybe WIX fixed all of these things with the later gasket…I sent them an e-mail suggesting they do so. Anyway, here’s the old thread regarding the gasket:

(Erica Moss) #51

I’d need one in front of me to confirm but I’ve always been under the impression that the rubber ring is just there to seal the glass bowl to the metal housing. The seal of the filter is between the hole in the top of it and the spout it pushes on. I forget which way the flow is but it’s probably from outside the pleating to inside. It could be the other way though. But there should be no need for the element to contact the rubber ring.

(Eric) #52

The stiff carboard top flange of the WIX filter is a friction fit to the short nub of a pipe in the filter casting. There is also a circle of small holes in that cardboard flange. Pressurized fuel flows down the solid tube in the center of the filter, exits into the glass bowl, and then gets forced through the pleats. It then exits the filter into the dome of the AC casting via those small holes in the top of the filter. If there is not a seal between the top flange of the filter and the dome area of the casting, the fuel will likely take the least restrictive path to the dome (through the unsealed gap) and arrive at the carbs unfiltered. I just checked it again with a spare filter casting and WIX filter, and a proper seal depends on a thick seal (or stacked thin ones). I believe this also makes a case for having a spring as a backup to keep pressure against the (thick) seal.

(Erica Moss) #53

Ah the little holes, yeah. I think I have a spare from the usuals around. I can’t recall if they have those holes or not?

(j limongelli) #54

Fun stuff, yep the spring set up I left 30 years ago, at the time the repo spring was to hard and would crush the filter when it softened up with gas.
Ive used push ons for a looooong time.
Yes they have little holes and the top is very thin now and the rubber gasket is held up by the flange of the filter element.
It all works well.
Tomorrow I have the tanks and all, it will take awhile.
This is much better than watching tv………
Love you all.

(Eric) #55

Why a couple years? Are you “building” or repairing or restoring? What’s the scope of this effort? Just curious what one gets for $80K.

(j limongelli) #56

Very lucky on this one, The rockers, floor pans and all are ORIGINAL .
No patches or weld ins at all.
So I restore to drive , but wont paint until EVERYTHING is in order.
80 grand buys a nice driver, worn interior but not a mess.
I say years because time goes fast and we can all have fun together.
Yes my green 70 was 6 grand, but those days are long gone.
The average owner in the jag club takes decades just to take apart a car.
I move too fast for that.
To each his own but Im always jumping.
Hopefully tomorrow I will have some nice pictures.

(j limongelli) #57

Paperwork and service records
Some from new!
Most from the 1970s till current

(David Ahlers) #58

Ace Hardware has the spring in their selection.
And Dick Maury has the definitive article on fuel filters:
fuel filters

I wish WIX oil filters were $3 each. My local NAPA wants $ 17 for their “Gold” Wix. Must have some real
Gold in it!

(Eric) #59

It doesn’t address the WIX, which is a different design than the paper filter from the usuals.

(Steve) #60

Boy, not me! Got that sucker apart in a mear 365 days. Now the putting back together is dragging like an Alaskan glacier

(Robert Thomas 68 FHC ) #61

I just bought one from Napa last week for $11 and change. I bought it online and picked it up at my local store. I’m in the SF Bay Area so everything is expensive here. Try shopping online at Napa and see what you get…


(Robert Thomas 68 FHC ) #62


(Paul Wigton) #63

6 bucks, on Amazon.