Lets build a 1967 e type together

(David Langley) #64

Need to compare apples with apples here. Some are talking about the fuel filter (as per Joey’s original post) WIX 33034, whilst others are talking about the oil filter WIX 51183 or NAPA 1183. Not surprising that the prices are all over the place. I buy the WIX 51183 online from Rockauto for less than $6 a pop. FYI the fuel filters WIX 33034 are $3.06 at Rockauto. Of course, there’s shipping to pay, but I do a periodic bulk buy for all my filters from them so the shipping cost component is pretty small per filter.

(j limongelli) #65

David it is amazing how these threads drift…
But a lot of retired school teachers that own jags so a filter thread can last years and years…hopefully
I can post something new tonight HAAAAA
Yes 3 dollars for mine as well. and they work perfect thanks dave for the backup.

(69 FHC ) #66

Problem solved. Rock Auto also sells the very nice WIX oil filter #51183 for the canister, $6.85


Once a year I order a load of filters for the cars and truck. Huge selection and very reasonable even with shipping. I placed an order yesterday and noticed that Rock Auto is now collecting sales tax, at least they are for Arkansas… NAYYY

Edit: I see David Langley already posted this info.

(j limongelli) #67

Let’s move on to day 3
Swapped out the pump to electric no points
Part number 1307-e or 1308
1307 would be the standard points set yp

(j limongelli) #68

I also received everything from Welch
Most repo parts looked great
The tank and all will be in tomorrow
I got all the hoses done along with banjos
All fuel injection hose

(j limongelli) #69

I took a break and did factory wiper blades
They don’t work as well BUT they look delicate like the rest of the car just look at the difference!

(Nick Saltarelli) #70

You’re on a roll. Keep going. We’re all rooting for you. Jealous, mostly.

(Ben E) #71

Is that gas tank a replacement, or did you have it re-finished?

I have my local radiator shop run my gas tanks through their ultrasonic bath. Despite my initial skepticism, it does an amazing job…even bringing off most internal surface rust.

(j limongelli) #72

Thanks Nick , As you know its not my first rodeo on E TYPES its soooomuch fun nowadays.
I pick and chose what I want to do and know what each thing will do.
Ben IMHO, whether itsmy Etype, 56 t bird,other jags, Ive been changing all the tanks as my first step.
It takes so much guesswork out for hesitation to stalling and worse.
The tank was an original tank. It looked great but the small amount of rust and the FILM from the ethanol
is what makes them go south.
On a series 1 car the tanks are around 395 from welch.
Now 20 years ago there was a bad batch of these tanks as well that fit and finish were really bad.
The new tanks are laser cut and are coated for ethanol.
Even my 66 with a 300,000 restoration 10 years ago, which I bought last year the tank went.
The minute I switched the hesitation / stutter went away. That tank was new and had less than 600 miles on the car, but sitting and the gas killed it.
So I like the repo tank, MAKE SURE THOUGH THE SUMP FITS.
Make sure its not bent or cracked, if all good, tonite I will add the old insulation to the top for the effect!

(j limongelli) #73

The 1966 which is a highlight of the new book!

I was on pins and needles replacing the tank on this one, its so perfect.
The car is my Picasso, it has every upgrade in the world but I cannot enjoy it like the coupe, One driver texting and it will never be the same.
So its at the summer place for drives to the beach!

(Scott Johnson) #74

Don’t think I’d want to get sand in the carpet! :wink:


Beautiful. I think more Rembrandt than Picasso.
What “new book” are you referring to?

(j limongelli) #76

“Me and My Etype” will be out sometime in March right after its Amelia Island debut!.
Michael Quinn 'SIR WILLIAM LYONS" grandson and good friend is doing the forward, old friends, Norman Dewis , David Hobbs and Brian Redman are all apart of it. As well as Paul Skilleter, It will be fun…
Guys/Girls, We will move on to technology soon, contemplating one of the new distributors with the program on the iPhone?
No more flat spots, tweek the timing and no vacuum advance.
Lets see the 123 seems good, the new petronix seems good.
A far cry from dropping a deries 3 xj6 set up 30 years ago.!

(Eric) #77

Wait a second…aren’t you the guy who says the E-type market has collapsed, and admonishes owners of highly restored cars to stop babying them and get out and drive them? (nice car).

(j limongelli) #78

It has and is collapsing, If your using them for a RETIREMENT FUND.
The red car that Jason Lens of XK’S UNLIMITED restored 10 years ago for 300 grand was bought for almost half the restoration.
If your an enthusiast , Like you and I its a great time.
I put the red car on the rack knowing in my head that EVERY day its going down.
If it stays or goes up, GREAT but times are changing.
I want the car because I like the car. It wont be worth 3 grand but like EVERY other car, enjoy your gasoline now…
I drive it, but not across country, that’s what this coupe is for.
You understand, this January auction season, will sound like this, AND THE BID GOES ON…
Great time to get a great E TYPE.

(j limongelli) #79

Little detail to sooth the eyes

(Eric) #80

From the sound of it your red car (“every upgrade in the world”) is not concours specification. It’s a high quality driver…a very high “3” on the Hagerty scale. No surprise that it didn’t fetch anywhere near the $300.000 professional restoration estimate. There are plenty of do it yourself cars around that are just like it with likely more (free) time and effort invested. Just like you, owners hesitate to drive them for the same reason you state…not because it’s their retirement hedge fund. Practice what you preach and use that red car as a serious driver.

(j limongelli) #81

McKeel Hagerrty is a friend of mine…
The new values coming will be dropped about 25 to 30 percent across the board
The red car is a number 1 as a driver not Concourse original
The body is brand new
Gaz coils
5 speed
288 vented rear
Gm 1 wire
It’s a number 1 driver
But here’s the catch as we get older and I average 6,000 miles a year in my etypes plural
The convertible in a land of suvs in New York feels like a death trap
It’s not the greatest today when someone is texting behind you driving over the gwb
So I drive the red car but not like I will drive the yellow!
Ps that’s me and Norman Dewis
Me and Hagertywith our db4"s
And ma and Michael Sir Williams grandson

(Paul Wigton) #82

His car, his choices: I personally don’t see many 'upgrades," and only to a Jaguarista, would any of them make a difference. It’s a beautifully-presented car, and whether it’s value rises or falls, it will provide its owner with the joy he intended.

Joey is, at the end, a true enthusiast, who enjoys all his cars, in the way he sees fit…as do you.

Rock on, GTJoey!

(Eric) #83

First I’ve heard that Hagerty has a classification for a #1 driver. Maybe your talking about JCNA driven class, although I’ve not seen a numbered grouping as for Hagerty. Your buddy Hagerty’s current classification structure effectively identifies a #1 as concours configuration trailer queen . A number 2 describes your red car…very well turned out driver but not quite concours…it can’t be if it’s modified. A number 3 describes your yellow car…and you paid about what the__current_ Hagerty writeup describes for a #3, (although it wasn’t really drivable). Anyway, $80K for a number 3 FHC is not an example of a market in decline…

Driving driving driving around the show grounds. By the way, I’m a fan of upgrades and restomod. Also, let me assure you that the FHC will not make you more comfortable driving in traffic. If anything it’s worse than an OTS because it’s extremely difficult to see what’s around the car.

PS That’s me and my next door neighbor, Ralph.