Lets lose the power steering rack. weight and complication down and road feel up!

hello folks. it’s been awhile since showing up on the forum and i do rather miss the banter and comparative analysis sessions. i do however have a question that will have some folks scratching their heads…as follows:
is there a MANUAL steering rack that will bolt onto nigel? he’s the made in 93 and sold as a 94my unit with the sport suspension setup. lots of advice and tips here about the power steering racks but nothing so far that i have found on manual rack units. i figure that as a lot of what has been used to build these cars is off the shelf tech there might be a slim chance they exist.

The hot ticket on a Factory Five car is a manual rack combined with a Chevy Astro electric power steering unit mounted right behind the steering wheel. There’s even an outfit online that makes the electronic controller for it, since the Astro has speed sensors controlling the amount of assist. With this thing, you can dial the assist you want.


You could, of course, just use the OEM rack with the hoses short circuited, no boost. Take the pump off the engine and toss it.

There are several electric power steering system providers. Mount a self-contained unit on the pinion, or column and power it up. Fully adjustable assist rates so you can have it taper off based on vehicle speed.

If you took the power steering system out…besides being stiff to turn, would not that create a strain on other parts…EG: steering wheel, etc

The HP hose went on my XJR-S, the car is near impossible to drive without PAS, yes you can turn the wheel, with great effort, but as its rack and pinion you are constantly correcting the steering. I guess you could add a damper. Electric would be better, especially after the pain of changing the hoses.

Another thing from the Factory Five guys: You can build your FF car with or without power steering, but the alignment specs are different. With power steering, you can optimize the alignment for handling. Without power steering, you have to adjust the specs to make it steerable by mere human beings. And FF cars are 1500 pounds lighter than a Jaguar.

not only that, but the steering ratio is different. removing the assist without addressing the turns ratio would be quite difficult to steer. owning vehicles both with and without, it is very noticeable jumping from one vehicle to the other. once out of the parking lot and moving, the steering effort (physical strength) is no longer an issue but how far you must turn is greater. remember passing one hand over the other to make a turn?

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hi folks. thanks for the input on all of this so far…including the elect asst options. a manual rack already has the greater turn ratio inbuilt into the unit because:manual steering. alteration of the alignment will be un-necessary. i also remember well the have car moving before turning steering wheel rule :-). just looking for…if it exists…a drop in manual replacement. if not i have found a couple of early to mid 80’s racks that would require what looks to be minimal fabrication given their specs.

I think that the XKS has a manual rack. Maybe it fits ?

I would be very surprised if there is ANY car produced today with a manual rack.

I think you are correct; my ‘plastic mat-er’ Hyundai has PS and AC!

I stand corrected just checked and the new Alpha 4c is sans PS BUT its one hell of a lot lighter than a Jaguar.