Let's Talk Floor Mats - Updated

(Brett) #1

My XFR still has the factory floor mats in it. They’re nice enough overall, but I have one complaint about them. Because of the setup of the pedals, I actually utilize the foot rest / dead pedal in the car, which is carpeted but not protected by the floor mat. I’d like to get a set of floor mats that cover the foot rest area. Does anyone have a set that does this, and if so, what kind are they?

I know some vendors actually sell dead pedal kits that mount with self tapping screws, but I’d prefer to avoid that route as I don’t want to drill the floor boards and don’t want something that looks like its out of the JC Whitney catalog. If I can find some tasteful floor mats, I think that would do the trick.

(Maynard) #2

The Weathertech mats for my 2011 has a covered dead pedal.

(Brett) #3

Thanks Maynard! I haven’t bought a set yet, so those are a possibility.

(JimD in Alabama) #4

Did the weather tech on our 2009.

(Brett) #5

After getting as many opinions as I could from several sources, I ended up going with the Ultimat from Lloyd Auto Mats. Several people said the Weathertech mats were very nice, but I was really hoping to get carpeted mats instead of rubber. The Lloyd mats turned out to be pretty thick and plush, have the provision for securing them to the floor, and most importantly, cover the foot rest area. The Union Jack isn’t standard and cost a bit more, but I like what it adds to the look.