LH & RH Inner Panels - Defined

I am starting to work on a 1958 XK 150 FHC Automatic Tran, S834709 BW which is an early one I believe. I bought the car a year ago. Car came with a box of parts that were removed from the car, like so many are. I am trying to piece the auto back together and am having confusion.

I have XK 150 Explored by BV and is a wonderful work of art but I am seeing bits and pieces not recorded or I am just blind. (Brake servo mount location and servo front mount for example.) I looked thru the Jag-Lovers pictures but did not find specifics. Also the pics I did find were difficult to see as ALL the items photographed are glossy black and difficult to understand if you don’t know what you are looking at to begin with.

So first things first. I would like to know what I am missing.
I have the RH & LH battery boxes. I don’t know if these belong to this auto. I have posted a pic. I question this as I bought XK 150 doors for the boxes and the doors are too big. Maybe someone can confirm the door dimensions shown on my pics.

I have the RH & LH Diaphragm Assy per BV. Do they look correct? Do these get sandwiched behind the battery box and assembled bolted thru the battery box?

I have the RH Mudshield Assy. (I think) Where does this get assembled? Need to find the LH Mudshield correct?

I have a short piece similar to Mudshield. See pic. What and where does this go?

I am missing:
Splash Guard Assy RH BD 13044 How does this get assembled?
Splash Guard Assy LH BD 13043 Same.
Sealing Plate BD 10078 Same
Sealing Plate BD 10705 Same
Splash Guard Assy BD 13043 Same
Sealing Plate Assy RH BD 13058 Same
Sealing Plate Assy LH BD 13057 Same

That is enough for now wouldn’t you agree? Sorry they kind of all go together.

Thanks much for any help you can give.