LHD Mark IV 3.5 DHC project up for auction in Georgia USA

Here’s one for somebody with energy and inspiration.
In the southeast US so it could be a rust-free car? Nope.
Advertised as a '38 but the 7" headlight conversions, Jaguar and J badges, large spare tire door and especially LHD confirm its a '48.
I’ve written to the seller to see if we can get the chassis number.

Even the radiator badge clearly says JAGUAR, and not SS, albeit there has been a long practice of post-war (Mark IV) Jaguars being referred to (incorrectly) as SS.
But no LHD SS were made, and the first LHD Jaguars were not made until late 1947, with the first DHC 637001 made in Dec 1947, and the last LHD DHC 637376 in July 1948.

Ill start the bidding…
5 dollars.

Im holding at 5…………