LHD Mark IV Remote Oil Filter Casting on Ebay

Also a breather casting, in Calif.
Just passing along info in case anyone wants one.
Ebay item 324112779722
No interest myself.

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Thanks Rob, I bought it on the hope the breather adapter is the same as the C.441 for the Mark V (all of mine are cracked).

So, like me, spending the quarantine shopping on ebay.
I snagged a Stevenson jack and an XK120 tool roll.
Now you can rig up a remote filter on a LHD Mark V and see how that works out. Put it on the right, plenty of room over there. :wink:

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Rob, the seller on this item happens to be fairly nearby and just dropped the parts by my front porch. My many thanks to you for spotting this offering. The adapter delivered indeed is uncracked. Cheers to you!

With three Kroil soak cycles and propane applications over the last week, the newly-acquired uncracked adapter came free from the pinched and corroded-in-place vent pipe. Good adapter and pipe now on my car. Many thanks for the lead on the part.

Cheers and happy Black Saturday to you. And good Pesach to those following that calendar. To everyone else, good cheer and spirits as you prefer. Stay well.

And a Good Yontif to you, too!

Glad to hear it.
My tool roll arrived from Pennsylvania in 2 days.
My jack has not left New Zealand yet, quarantined 2 weeks and counting. :slightly_frowning_face: