LHD RHD 140 brake pedal

I want to covert to RHD . Is the casting the same , but bent the opposite way ? The spring holes are in a different place and also the small pivot holes . So can I modify my LHD pedal ?
Thanks Jim

Jim, these are RHD fhc pedals. i think the LHD are different forgings. Maybe from these images you can determine if your pedals can be bent to suit?

Thanks Nick
yes they are different forgings but in Varts book they look very similar apart from the return spring location and the pivot holes location , both of which I could modify . My frame is in a neighbours garage at the moment so I can’t compare your pictures.
I have traced my pedal from the book and laid it over the RHD pic . What would be wrong in fitting a longer cylinder push rod and bending it to a mirror image ? It can’t be that easy , can it ?

As a reference the rhd pedals measure as follows:- Measurement is from centreline of pivot to centreline of the pinch bolt hole.

Brake 340mm
Clutch 270mm

How does that compare to the LHD? Can you be sure the image in the book accurate?

The pedal has to fit or follow the bulkhead line fairly closely in order to get the necessary pedal throw. Perhaps the two foot wells are a little different across the car. Otherwise I can’t see why the pedal crank is different. As you can see from the photos the pedal ‘side’ bends are quite crude. You will be cutting your own holes in the bulkhead for the pedal stems so you can match those to the bend you achieve but obviously need to get it roughly right!

You will need a lot of heat to safely achieve a bend.


I wasn’t expecting this ! Today I bought a RHD clutch pedal .
On the left lower is 8878 LHD 280mm
On the right upper 8877 RHD 270mm
They bend the same way ! I imagined they would mirror each other.
I know that the pedal location as they come through the bulk head are more central to the steering wheel on a RHD . Perhaps the brake pedal does the same , I will investigate tomorrow

This pic is of the holes in my footwell ( sorry on its side)
My holes do not line up along that fold line . Other cars I have seen do .So are the holes cut to suit the pedals ? If so why is there a hole for the automatic ?

I don’t know about 140 but on 120 the clutch and brake pivot points are at different levels and need different length pedal arms and different radius pedal shafts.
Your panel holes were probably punched all at once.
Another thing I noticed comparing XK120 and Mark V brake pedal arms was they had the same C part number forged into them, but the location of the clevis pin hole was different. One forging for two different applications. You may find something similar with 140 L & R pedal arms.

They can’t be an exact mirror of each other as that would swap the clutch/brake layout to brake/clutch …I think I’m right with my logic??

On other models it gets complicated as some variants have the pedals inboard of the chassis for one hand and outboard for the other hand.

As soon as I typed that I was unsure of my logic !
Where are you Nick ? is your car still in this state ? A paper pattern of the holes would be so useful .


This subject has also been dealt with some weeks ago. I have the drawing of the “Retainer” BD.10014 that holds the felt to seal the pedal stems. This is of course a LHD versions and I don’t know whether RHD versions they are mirror-image. Possibly these LHD dimensions might help you.
I’ve been “warned” that the felt wasn’t green at all but a kind of “dirty” white. Bob K.



Thanks Bob
I have been told that the hole arrangement on a RHD is different .

Some photos of my LHD Brake pedal
The measurement between centres 345mm so pretty similar to RHD.

I have a replacement pedal and hoping it will work for a RHD conversion. It has no numbers except 975. The odd thing is it has the hole for the return spring in 2 places , one in the correct place and one mystery.
Any ideas ?
Thanks Jim

Hi Jim,

Could it be from an early saloon MKV? I don’t think it’s from an XK.

Is the centre to centre dimension what you need for the 140? It will have to be bent for RHD use.

I don’t think you would be far off modifying the LHD FHC pedal you have…

Hi Nick
the centres are about there , maybe mine is 5mm longer , but as it is bent less than your pic then they may be the same . This new one also has the return spring hole in the right place plus it is nice to have one in reserve if it all goes wrong . I will bolt them all up then decide what needs doing .

I also got the RHD stem with this as apparently they are handed .