LHD XJ6 Series 1 Manual Conversion - What do I do for the clutch pedal box?

My new 4.7 litre engine and rover 5 speed arrive soon, and I’m trying to figure out what to do about the clutch pedal. Through some research it seems that my options are to either find and fit a very rare S1 clutch pedal and servo which is separate from the brake pedal box, or modify my bulkhead to accept a readily available S2/S3 combination clutch/brake pedal box.

It was suggested that I cut out and section of bulkhead from a S2/S3 and weld it into my S1.
It was also suggested that this is easier than dealing with the lack of rebuild kits and parts for an original S1 clutch servo.

Can anyone tell me how the bulkheads are different between S1 and S2/S3?

Well there’s these Chris.

But the cost from UK to Canada ?
What about the front prop and gearbox mount for a manual and, the tinvare on the transmission tunnel.

Peter B

I recall two such conversions discussed on J-L,
One no longer posts here. the other is David Dwomby, who is still active. .

Search the old and new J-l archives.

But, the solutions seem to have used the original auto pedal box! Not anything like Peter B’s picture.

Those seem to use the boss an the box, but undrilled. Pivot and pedal from another source, another brake pedal??? One needed a bend to get the location for the foot right.


The pedals shown are correct for a LHD Series 1 Carl.

Do you have a link for the auction for those S1 pedals?

It looks like my other option is to modify my bulkhead to fit the S2/S3 combined pedal box by adding the top mount.

The link is me ! I dismantled a French 2.8 18 months ago ( I live in France ),
but the pedals are at my daughters house UK.

How much do you want for it? My engine arrives in about two weeks and there is the issue of sorting out the center console trim and the driveshaft, so I’m not in a big rush.

You can email me at chris_los@hotmail.com


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It sounds like you have quite a project there. I’m looking forward to this.

Here’s a pic of a '74 pedal box area.


Rob - That looks identical to my '73 Series 1, except I’ve seen the 74- onwards boxes mount with 1 large bolt to the top of the bulkhead just below the shut-line. The S1 cars mount the two separate pedal boxes to the firewall with 4 smaller bolts each.

I was thinking of buying a newly refurbished later pedal box and fabricating a top mount rather than cutting a section of bulkhead, but it looks like I may have found an S1 setup that will bolt right in.

Yes, the S2 has the upper bolt in addition to the 6 main ones at the bottom.
Here’re pix of a S2 box that someone has started to convert to manual. I don’t have the pedals though,