License plate - backup light

Something tells me I need to make this splice inside the bracket….

No, mine is tucked up inside the boot lid liner panel.


plus twenty/


See the attached wiring scheme (part of a larger set) that I’ve used a lot.

Note that the split-up of the cables for boot light and reverse/number plate light is made earlier. The boot light wires stop half-way down the lid and only the reverse/number plate wires run on the inside of the boot lid down to the reverse light.

Bob K.

My 140 has an extra brake light feed in the bootlid as the reversing light has a dual-colour LED, which doubles as a super-bright brake light.

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I do not think the wires that came with my light will reach that far. Nor do they have the protective cover shown in your photo, where did you get your unit, or any suggestions to rewire what I have?

It also appears I need to cut a gasket to fit between the lamp and bracket, and shorten the bolts?

Mine is the original light, but the original cloth braided wires had been replaced at some point. The connectors are somewhere up in the boot lid.

Thank you all, no matter what the existing pigtail is too short to reach into the enclosed area of the boot, which makes the most sense for a splice. I will replace the pigtail. I like Bob K’s installation, but I think the covered wire leftover piece that I have is too big for the existing holes with a grommet, but should work OK without the grommets.

According to p. 37 of the JCNA judging guide the wires were originally covered in a black plastic sleeve.

The Lucas 469 Reverse & Number plate Lamp was available in various versions, basically for horizontal mounting (studs at the back) and vertical mounting (studs at the bottom). See this pic.

The XK 120 had Lucas 53159 that had two studs fixed to the housing. See this picture:

It looks like the studs of yours may have been replaced in the past by two long bolts through the housing. There are also 4 rivets visible at the back between the studs in your case, whereas mine has only two at that spot.

I replaced the two black nuts by some zinc plated versions: not original but will last longer and looks better in combination with the chromed housing.

Yes, there should be a black plastic sleeve but my new harness (Autosparks) had enough braided wiring to pull it through into the lamp. Looks a bit neater.

So at least 2 deduction points at my next JCNA event…

Bob K.

It seems you have more than enough of the pigtail to make your connection inside the license plate holder. Pull the wires you have coming out of the license holder back into the holder. Cover the pigtail wires with shrink tubing and feed them into the license holder.

The lamp you have is also used on the 140, where the lamp attaches to the gooseneck, which is probably why the bolts are Longer.