License plate lights Ford?

(Daniel Cusick) #1

So I found one hanging down the other day and much to my surprise it has a ford logo on it. Wish the part numbers were on it dealer want $31 each for the plastic housings.
So anyone else find the ford part?

(Neil Bennett. Patron) #2

You should not be surprised as the XF was designed and manufactured by Jaguar based on a Mondeo whilst owned by Ford and is fundamentally a Ford.
This may help:

(Fazal Cader) #3

Garbage! The X-Type had its roots in the Mondeo platform. The XF was the
‘new’ car for Jaguar.

And, FWIW, the X-type itself is a bloody god car. Just clicked over 249k
on my own, though not all the k’s are mine.

2001 X-Type, 3.0, AWD
1982 S3 4.2

(Daniel Cusick) #4

Thanks gentleman but it doesn’t answer the main question as to what ford part number is the plastic housing!

I know that ford influence has been present in jaguar for 15 plus years but I didn’t think that the XF would have ford stamped parts especially after Tata bought them.

(Neil Bennett. Patron) #5

Be fair Why would they change something that is not broken and would Cost $$$$$$’s?
It’s basically the same car as was produced by Jaguar/Ford restyled as years went past!
It may be badged a Jaguar but it utilises most parts as desined and sourced by Ford whilst owned by them.

(Neil Bennett. Patron) #6

To answer the original question replace “like for like”! i.e. use the Ford part or an Aftermarket one which will probably be cheaper.

(Maynard) #7

I found on ebay, led license plate lights. Much cheaper, and brighter, than OEM.

(Daniel Cusick) #8

For future reference here’s the ford number
Good luck finding them in the US!

Dealer charged $31 and some change each!