Light bulb fail

1989 xj40. could the lite bulb under the hood being cuase this falt?

I wouldn’t have thought that it would be monitored, have you checked all the other bulbs for corrosion and have they all got the correct bases?
Bryan N had a bulb fail that turned out to be incorrect bases on one of the lights, mind you he also has a filament that would break and then rejoin giving an intermittent fault.

I don’t think the under hood light triggers a warning, it definitely did not on my 93, I had to wait a week for a replacement light assy to arrive a while back and just taped the terminals up until it arrived. Have you checked the reversing lights ? they’re often overlooked when looking to clear a 'bulb out ’ warning.

You guys have lights under the hood? The 94MY was a delete I guess, no lights!

My 92 has an understood light, but it doesn’t work. I’ve not looked into it because I have yet to find a reason to look under the hood after dark, but it does not trigger a bulb failure warning.

Larry, my '94 has no underhood lights, and here’s my theory as to why: the underhood lights were intended to be of help when one was broken down by the side of the road at night, and by the '94 model year the '40s finally became reliable enough the lights were no longer deemed necessary! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


That’s surprised me Larry, my 94 Sovereign had the lights under the hood, I was the 5th owner so I suppose a PO could have fitted them but I just assumed they all had them.
I’m curious, do you have to have your foot on the brake pedal to start your car ? on my 94 you had to do that, but on my 93 you don’t.

Pretty sure you don’t, Casso. The car starts just by turning the key. I had to have a think but I’ve cranked it over just reaching into the car.

The perennial droopy hoodliner on the 94’s (fixed mine after much consternation) shows no provision for under bonnet lights although the connection area is there on the sheet metal. Harness hook up and switch is fitted too. Could be the UK hoodliners didn’t have so much metal shit info in 50 languages attached to them and there was room for lights?