Lights on during starting?

Could someone please tell me if their running lights and headlights go on when they turn the key to the ON position? The car I am looking to buy (1995 XJR) has this feature and its headlights even stay on during cranking. This seems like it should not be the case given the need to direct all resources to the starter.

Thanks in advance.

Is it a Canadian car like your flag

If so it could be…
The little side lights would come on as well if I recall and headlight washers?
I thought that was the package

Yes, Canadian car, any suggestions about where to find the definitive answer to this question?

That system was DLR
If I remember
I tried finding it but I have US brochures
I’ll look in the morning in my original manual maybe it’s in thrre

Do you have headlight washers?

Ok at 5am I couldn’t sleep
Canada required DRL in 1989 BUT no rear lights in that era just fromts.
I don’t know about today’s models
DRL stands for Daylight Running Lights.
Yes you have them .