Lightweight E-Type in historical racing. Replica?

I’m confused. On the one hand, the article calls this car “the 1962 No. 2 Jaguar XKE low-drag coupe”. On the other hand, it says “It’s Goodwood-approved and a properly done and absolutely gorgeous car.”

So, is it an original lightweight from the factory, one of the 12 original cars? Or a replica? I thought the first original car was built in 1963, not 1962?,211577,HSR-Entries-Grow-for-Guest-Appearance-at-2020-Vintage-Sports-Car-Drivers-Association-VSCDA-Elkhart-Lake-Vintage-Festival,news.htm

As was reprted in the Replica forum, THEY are allowing replica or continuation cars or they wouldnt have enough to make a race…Its been about 5 years now.

That quote in the article makes it so vague. I looked on the internet but no other leads. 62 was the low drag model, 63 the lightweight.

To even mention Goodwood approved makes you think it is a continuation car.

Sorry, but there are only three low drag coupés in the world officially. 49 FXN, the Lumsden/ Sragent car, 4868 WK, the Lindner Nocker car, and CUT 7, the Dick Protheroe car. This car they refer to is a standard Jaguar E-type registered in May 1962. It has since been modified it seems, but is a long way from being what they say it is on the tin. Never mind, it’s better to watch that race than nothing.