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Many of us Jaguar fans are into two wheelers…I started out with British cycles.! That’s my Whizzer Ambassador that my friend wrecked for me. FB_IMG_1583680311689|480x360 FB_IMG_1583680278659FB_IMG_1583680311689

How did the friend turn out???

We were in high school. …a car turned left and he hit it broadside went flying over and broke his arm…not his fault. …he still rides and lives in Des Moines…Later on someone stopped in front of him and he rear ended a car on a rented Suzuki…broke his leg…one year in a cast…cause they had to redo it…im surprised he still rides.

Some of my bikes


Nice. What year and size was the Matchless??
I had a 1950 Matchless …G80S…when I was a student…only means of transport…fixed it up…but front brake next to useless and 6v headlamp on the other side of useless. Still…got me from A to B for a year or so.
Yours looks late 50’s…early 60’s??

The 650 Matchless was a 1955 bought in San Diego about 1977… it is now back here in Iowa but the guy I sold it to let it go to pot…the little red one behind me is a 1959 AJS 250 single

One of my regrets: I took no photos of my bikes.


That’s why I am very superstitious about riding other people’s bikes.

Lent bike to my bro he rode it in front of the house. I watched him going 20 mph in a straight line. The bike fell over for no apparent reason.

I asked what happened. He said it was like something just pushed the bike over. Ghost? Curse?

this is the 55 Matchless before I restored it in San DIego. …it is a complete mess now…wish I’d never sold it…hasn’t run in 25 -30 years. …rusting in a mud floor farm shed.

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Any chance of “rescuing” it?

Found a photo of my 1950 500 single G80S. I freshened the engine and a couple of other bits and pieces …it was surprisingly intact…had the manual advance retard lever on the magneto so I could run in “noisy” mode when I felt like it. Ran a massive 6:1 compression ratio from memory…!!!image image

Where is it now …?

I don’t know. Sold it to a guy from out of town. It was remarkably original. Still had the original compression plate on the bottom of the barrel which reduced the compression ratio. It was my daily driver for more than a year…never let me down but scared the hell out of me a couple of times with shocking brakes and light.
Loved the sound of it…and the starting ritual…tickle the carb…decompression lever to just over tdc…then wallop…doof doof doof doof…

No…it is sad…rims under the mud floor. …chrome falling off …seat rotten… he wanted two grand for it…crazy…two hundred would be too much

Matt, check to see if the number plate is still in use.

None of my photos included the rego number…but after a Saturday morning shower thinking about my old “Macchy” I decided I didn’t want another one…although …after I “inherited” my son’s 1984 Yamaha SRX250 and am back riding a motorbike after MANY years…I am thinking about something from the ‘80’s …but a bit bigger…