Limp mode, tried almost everything

Well, it happened. Let is sit all winter, and guess what? Yep, all kinds of lights on for ABS, trac not working, and now the engine light is on. Took it in for a scan and they looked at fuel, ignition and everything else No issues. Reprogramed the system and drove the car, nope, still limping, but once in a while, all hell breaks loose, then back to limping. I am not going to spend money on parts I don’t need, so what could be wrong? Oh, new battery and fully charged. I know all about that one. Car is a 2001 model. Ran great before and no issues except the ABS light on since I got it. Brakes work fine. Help me if you can, or buy the car.

It could be the throttle body. Look for an earlier thread on the subject. I just had my throttle body rebuilt and am reinstalling it tomorrow or Saturday. I’ll update once done.

Could be, but why now? Everything worked before and that is a real stretch to think that is the issue. No indication on the scan.

My car was fine. Then it just started acting up. If you you to you tube they described my problem exactly. How many miles does your car have ?

80000 on the clock and no issues besides the abs light on until now.

See the recent throttle body issues repair thread.

You are not doing a car any favours when you don’t drive it. They need to be driven regularly. Sitting for long periods just invites problems.

I Know that, ,but there are times and like winter when you don’t want to drive it out there. Something simple happened, but we have not solved it yet.

I recall a JEC seminar where Dave Marks mentioned that water can get in the big multiconnector behind the throttle body and cause all sorts of codes to flag up. Worth a look but bit awkward to get to. Is easier with throttle body removed.

Thanks and I’ll take a look at that. Like I said before, usually something simple.

Please post the DTCs from the ECM and any other modules you can access.

What DTC is logged in the ABS module?

The CAN bus is REALLY important for the modules in the X100.

We can all GUESS but it is all a GUESS.

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Thanks. I am going to another technician that I know, and he is probably more familiar with the Jaguars than the other people who mainly work on chevy trucks and some foreign things. I cannot believe this is a complicated issue, as the car ran great before the sitting session all winter.

I just finished installing the rebuilt throttle body. See my other post previously mentioned. I also replaced an upstream oxygen sensor on the right side. The car is running great. I may have to do some fine tuning on the throttle position sensor but as of now it seems okay as installed.

Here’s an eye-opener! Just got off of and they got this issue, and it turned out that the connectors to the throttle body are the gremlin, and they get loose and corroded and don’t make a good contact. Throws all kinds of codes. Seems the metals are different between the plug and the pins on the TB, and Jaguar suggested replacing the wires with gold leads, but there are no new plugs to be had, and the tabs that hold them to the tb crack and fall off. I am going to do a cleanup on the contacts and use some electronic/ anti-corrosive called DEOXIT DP5. I will post my results. A shame we jump to conclusions and replace parts when a bad connection is the culprit.

Yes, I got that same lecture today from my technician, and I know better but don’t take my own advice. I am going to fix this thing, and drive the wheels off of it. Such a shame to let it sit. I probably should sell it to someone who will drive it and appreciate it.

My car has 103,000 miles. The cable connectors were fine. I did check them before having my throttle body rebuilt. There is always a diagnostic path that should be followed.

No amount of second-guessing is going to solve this problem, and cleaning the contacts in the plugs to TBS and MAF did not help. That is the extent of the efforts I am going to put forth. Next step is another shop and a true diagnostic check.

Nope, still limping along and next stop is to another shop with more experience with these cars. I have two more shops that claim to know about these cars. We shall see, and after that, we will have a small memorial service and kiss this car goodbye. Someone will get a nice car in as-is condition for pennies on the dollar.

I don’t know where you are but if you are in the North Texas area of the US I have 3 WDS and 2 IDS setups to read all the DTCs in ALL the modules.

Hope you find someone that deals with Jaguar communication networks.


UPDATE ON LIMPING: got it to a real garage, and there is a bad connection in the ABS circuits, and it is either the connector or the module itself. Both can be fixed. The car has all these modules interconnected and one thing triggers another. Kind of strange that it took so long to show up, as the ABS and Trac lights were on since I got the car. I read a post a while back that said something about wheel sensors and how they affect a lot of things when they are not working. We shall see……

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