List of Admins?

Just wondering if there is a list published on here anywhere that shows all the current admins of J-Lers. :confused: Reason I ask, is I ran across a quote that is ostensibly from a JL admin that is found on various places on the Internet, having to do with the X-300 being supposedly the most reliable of all the Jaguar models. I didn’t recognize his name, though. I’m thinking he was probably a former admin. :thinking:

What was the name? .

I don’t remember off the top of my head, but would recognize it if I saw it. I was thinking it was “Stephen”, “Stephan”, or “Steven”, something like that.

George Cohn was the original E-type admin and shortly thereafter also for the Pub. He turned the Pub over to Peter Crispin. Those are the only one’s I recall from the past. The other lists, like XKs, XJs, etc. had their own admins, but I never was on those lists so I have no idea who they were. After the site migrated in late 2016 there were only three that I’m aware of; Gunnar, Nick and Andrew.

Sounds like a quote GTJoey would/does make but he is not an admin.
What makes you believe it’s attributable to an Admin?

Finally found the quote again. “Mark Stephenson” (well, I was close! :laughing: ) Here is the full quote, although some periodicals only use part of it, w/o attributing it to him specifically:

“With these cars almost 20 years old now, it’s death by a thousand cuts rather than catastrophic failure,” says Mark Stephenson, a site administrator for “But mechanically, the 1995-97 Jaguar XJ6s are the most reliable cars Jaguar has ever produced. When it comes to the basic function of getting you down the road, they refuse to die.”


As far as I recall, Mark was the XK admin for many years. Mark is another valued and much missed member.

What was the point of the original question?

Aha! I stand corrected.

He was one of the good guys, for sure: we had a ball, interacting on the first Oil Leak.

Steve Sparrow! Not an admin aka Jagsongas

It was included on a list of the most reliable cars of all time. Some of the lists were “top 15”, whereas some were other #s. The articles pointed out that usually Jags don’t make that type of list (in fact, one quotes a certain “certified auto historian” of vintage cars who basically says you would not refer a friend to one, or some other such slight :roll_eyes:), but the “XJ6” (clarified to refer to the X-300 line) is a notable exception. :+1: If you Google those type of lists (e.g. Yahoo Finance, Kiplinger’s), you’ll see what I mean (and Mark’s quote in some of them).