Little air conditioner wirr

(David Martin) #1

Anyone have a pic where this loose green wire should go? I am leaning to the grey wire as there is some extra solder there, when I got her it came withe a spare control which works, mostly, but not the same unit, at least it turns on the compressor.

(Bryan N) #2

The only solid Green wire in the entire circuitry of the climate control system on an '89 is a power ground from pin 10 of the upper of the 15-way connectors on the climate control unit (CCU) which serves as a ground for the Evaporator Temp sensor, the In-Car Temp sensor and the Solar sensor. It also serves as the ground for the Recirculation, Coolant and Centre vent solenoid valves and the upper and lower blend flap feed-back pots on the CCU.

That Green wire is not shown as being connected directly to the climate control panel but together with all of the other CCU ground wires is connected at a stud in the CCU via a Black wire to pin 1 of the 24-way Yellow connector at the climate control panel.
It would seem that if that wire is not connected thus, none of those things would work.

(David Martin) #3

From the yellow connector there is no green wire, this one is only on the 2 ac circuit boards be hind the ac switch controls

(Bryan N) #4

What colour wire is on pin #1 of the 24-way Yellow connector on the A/C panel? If it is a Black wire, where does it go?

(David Martin) #5

Like I know which pin is #1?

(Bryan N) #6

Its next to pin #2 which has a White/red wire.

There is another pin in that Yellow connector which has a Black wire attached, pin #18 - and that is next to pin #19 which has a Slate (grey) wire attached but that is not the one we are interested in.

(David Martin) #7

thethe black is2nd from left, the green wire is also visable way over on the right.

(David Martin) #8

Hard to see but it is red w white then black then orange.

(David Martin) #9

this is the green wire attached to the lower board, need to find out where the other end should be

(David Martin) #10

Upon closer inspection it is green with a lite blue tracer

(Bryan N) #11

That would have been nice to know out the outset - but it doesn’t help now either because in the entire circuit diagrams for the '89 Climate Control system which I have I cannot find a Green/blue wire anywhere.

However, in the circuit diagrams for an '88 model (pre- VIN 556851) I see there is a Blue/green wire at pin 21 of that yellow connector which leads to the Auxiliary Side Light relay (green base, component panel under the right side dash) via pin #6 of the 15-way black connector in the A/C harness from the A/C control panel. On the '89 model that wire is Red/green (unless Jaguar drew the circuit diagrams wrong)

(David Martin) #12

I have found a pic of the microswitch, similar but the photo shows the green and blue where I have an orange black wire.

(Bryan N) #13

I don’t know what your picture shows,for what year and model, but on all models from '88 thru ''94, the Orange/black wire at the control panel is shown as on pin #8 of the 24-way connector and feeds the blower motors. The only difference is that they chenged the 24-way connector colour from Yellow to Black on the '93 / '94 cars - not that it makes any difference.

(David Martin) #14

I am. Trying to copy the pic here, noluck yet.

(David Martin) #15

Found the pic from grooveman to olddutchman’s first post, can’t seem to get it to this thread but it shows my little green and blue wire on the microswitch.

(Bryan N) #16

There you go Dennis - perhaps you can sort out David’s wiring problem?

(David Martin) #17

I found where the little bugger goes!