Local western Washington state XK120,140,150 folks?

Hi all, we live in Snohomish County in Washington state. Just wondering if anyone from the site are nearby…Mark ‘54 120M OTS

I am in Seattle, but all I have now is a rolling chassis waiting for its engine. I am at least a year from getting it on the road and that is optimistic.

@chuck_goolsbee is in Oregon, and knows a thing or ten about Jaguars…:grin:

I am in Hoodsport WA, have 2 alloy xk120s here and six more steel xks in LA.
I know a little about Jaguars.
Mike May

Have you contacted the Seattle chapter of JCNA ? Jaguar drivers and restorers club of NW America There are a number of members with 120s

I’m originally from Arlington, WA in North Snohomish County, but moved to central Oregon in 2010. I know there are quite a few Jag folks in the area and three active clubs within a short drive (and one more very active club a ferry ride away in Victoria).

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Vashon Island …1951 OTS

Thanks for all the responses on this. We live in Arlington Washington. Looking forward to the weather improving. It would be great to meet up with some of you folks who have lots of experience with these old beauties. We are old airplane pilots/admirers also (1940, 1948) and really appreciate all the experience, knowledge and tips that type clubs and collector forums can provide.

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Camano Island, not very far away from you. 1954 DHC

the JCNA club, in PNW, is active, many xks, xke, many events,…most Seattle area. Should join JCNA anyway…and a discount avail on Haggerty insurance 10% pays for it…The Seattle club has a monthly on line newsletter…events at repair shops, and ads for shops, for sale etc. SeattleJag club.org, or Pacific NW Jauar Drivers and Restorers of Pacific NW…email to info@seattlejagclub.org. They also publish a club roster with car type. I am near Spokane…isolated…but a member, there is one Brit car meet in August.

Thanks Nick! That all sounds good. I’ll drop them a line.

Hi Mark, just ran across your notes. I am a director in the club and wife Debbie is the President this year. We have a 1958 XK150S OTS. Lots of events coming up. Check out the club Mag and see past issues.

One event coming up you may be interested in May is the Whidbey Island Poker Run. There are several members on Whidbey Island that ahve Jag’s and they are opening their garages to talk cars. Saturday May 11. Look up details in the JagMag. Come join us for a day of driving and fun.

Jag Mag does not appear to have details of May 11th run.
Do you have more details?
Mike May

Hi Mike,

I must admit it is a little confusing at times. I assume you scrolled down after seeing the front page of the mag. Those are older articles from previous issues.

From the front page of the mag click on the arrow to the right and it will take you to the mag pages one at a time. Each of them are of events for this year.

I think the Poker Run and Garage Tour is the third page.

Hope this helps. We are meeting near the Clinton Ferry landing in the morning and then going to a restaurant for coffee and get the instructions.

Hope to see you there

Glen Read