Locating Aluminum polka dot panels

I posted a few months back. I was trying to find the polka dot panels so I can make my own trim pieces from scratch.
When I added AC to my series 1, I didn’t wish to delete the ashtray. In fact I really love it so had to re do the centre console section.

For anyone who is ever interested in doing similar, the closest panels I found were from stock in Germany and sold from SC parts from UK.
The dotted pattern is flatter and slightly larger. When used alongside the original paneling it is hard to notice unless your hyper attentive to the detail.
If anyone ever finds anything closer please let me know I can make more panels.

Good info James. I will be doing the same fabrication effort for a cross hatch pattern on my 63 FHC.

Curious. What tooling to you use to make the circular holes? And I assume straight cuts are with a bandsaw or similar?

Hi Harvey yep either that or laser. I had access to a laser which gives nice clean lines.
Of course all the panels will be flat but to get curvature like the one going around the gearbox tunnel; I make thicker guage steel panel of same shape and wooden hammer to shape it around. (You may see the thicker piece under the one I’m shaping in pic)

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Nice. No lasers in my shop, unfortunately.

No need for lasers anyway.
Going to put everything back together soon. I added a bit of aluminum near speedo cluster and actually looks like it was meant for it.
Also used the original 55 year old piping eve though I had new stuff cause I love the look of it used and old looking and also marred up the aluminum a little cause I’m a weirdo.