Location of telephone module in 2003 X Type

(Wally Terry) #1

2003 xtype telephone module mounting
Does anyone know where I need to mount the telephone module in my 2003 Jaguar Type X

There is indication the car is wired for Bluetooth telephone but is needs the telephone module so I bought one on Ebay but do not know where it need to be mounted. Does anyone know?Invalid date

(Grahame Loader) #2

I believe the phone module mounts above the CD changer in the trunk.

(Wally Terry) #3

Thank you Grahame for your reply but I do not have the disc loader in my trunk so which side of the trunk would that be? Thank you again for your assistance. Wally Terry

(motorcarman) #4

Page 21 of the ELECTRICAL GUIDE has ALL the module locations.


(Grahame Loader) #5

Short answer, it is on the left side of the trunk.

I have an 04 wagon with the CD slot in the dash. It also has the CDC button on the radio controls, but doesn’t have the changer installed. I’ve been researching the installation of the CD changer and have come across fitting instructions for the changer; part number for the instructions is C2S 36008. While it is concerned with the CD changer, it shows the phone module and Jaguar Voice module stacked above it on the same bracket. In the wagon, everything fits behind the left cubby-hole hatch. On the sedan, you may need a different trunk liner to cover the unit.

I’ve found the local Jag parts department to be very helpful in all my searches for information. The above part number may, at least, give you a start on looking for answers.