Lock to lock turns with xjs rack, turning radius?

(john schwamm) #1

Can someone advise approximately how many turns lock to lock with using an XJS steering rack on Mk2? How much less than stock 4+?

(John Quilter) #2

Not sure about a Mark II but on my 3.8S it is 2.75 turns lock to lock with a ZF rack from an XJS on my car. Keep in mind that in my experience the car turning circle is less than it was with the factory steering box. I believe this is due to the elimination of the Ackermann effect when the rack is fitted.

John F. Quilter
Eugene, Oregon USA

(john schwamm) #3

Can you tell me what the difference is in turning circle from stock?
Hope someone can provide Mk2 info.

(John Quilter) #4

Unfortunately, I have no way of measuring that but it is noticeable when maneuvering in tight places.

(Tigger) #5

I have the rack on my Mk2 - turns fewer but never counted and turning circle larger as John Quilter has said - not a problem day to day.