Locked out of 06 S type

(shannon giles) #1

Hi all, I have a new toy. 2006 S type 3.0L . All has been good for the first week but today i started it ran it for a bit then parked and locked it. A few hours later I went to unlock it but it won’t unlock. The car only came with 1 key and is missing the buttons and electronics . I have been unlocking and locking with the key in door and it activates and deactivates the alarm just fine. But not today. The battery was starting fine and it was only a few hours. What could this be , I can’t open door but can open boot/trunk but then the alarm goes off for a minute because I don’t have the button to stop it.

(Rob Reilly) #2

If you bought it from a used car dealer, go back to that dealer and ask to dig through his box of lost and orphan keys. Every dealer has keys he forgot to give to his customers. The extra might be in there. Mine was.
I thought of valet keys, but they usually unlock the door but not the trunk. There is a valet button inside the glove box that prevents unlocking the trunk and sometimes gets pushed in accidentally when you close the door and there is a lot of junk in there.

(Rob Reilly) #3

BTW if you get the trunk open you can pull the backrest release handles and push the seat down and crawl in to where you can unlock the back doors. There are childproof locks on the rear doors too.