Long term reliability for F-Type and XF?

Hey everybody I am new to this sub, but I am a long time Jag lover. My grandfather got me into these cars with his 3.8 e-type and his 99 xk8. I am finishing my degree in finance this month along with my girlfriend and we moving to LA, both of us need cars. I have found that I can afford around a 50k mile 2014 F-type V6 with my new jobs salary, and my girlfriend wants a used 2014 XF (I gave her the bug). Is this a practical move? Do these cars experience a lot of expensive issues? Any insight is welcome. I know Jaguar reliability has a bad rep but I have heard really great things about the newer cars.

I have been driving Jaguar cars for close to 30 years. Each time a new model comes out I have heard that the reliability issue has been resolved. It never is. If you would like some advice from an old Phart buy 2 new inexpensive reliable (mid market high volume production) cars and put the money you save into highly diversified etf’s and never sell till you are ready to retire. Not so much fun now but you will be happy you did eventually. Once you are well established and have moved into a high income bracket buy an older toy Jaguar to play with if you still have the bug.

as a financial planner you should already be aware that ANY newer vehicle is a hole through which you pour money… reliable or not they are a lousy investment. If you want to show your girlfriend just how wise your investment strategy is… and you have 50 grand to spend… consider a Mk II 3.8 with a 4 speed and wires. get the best you can afford… and look after it. If your girlfriend wants a convertible… an XKR OTS might be worth a look… but be prepared for a short term loss. Again buy the best you can find and do your homework! However all this said… the most intelligent thing you can do FIRST is to join your local JCNA club… and pick the brains of the members. BEFORE you buy. Most modern cars… Jaguar included are appliances on wheels… after not too many years they will be scrapped. In 5 or 10 years time when the widget on the suspension breaks… there will be no replacement parts. Dreadfully sorry sir… that part is NLS …you will have an expensive lawn ornament. Be careful!

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You could also pop into the F type forum and XF forum to post your questions there, and probably get the same answers :slight_smile: