Look What My Buddy Had Delivered Today

I took him to the meeting place in my E. Needed a big space for that 300k trailer, lol.

Green and red. Like Christmas!


BTW, he has a red '66 E-Type to match his new toy.

Very nice! I guess Christmas came early for your friend this year.

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Gosh… I wonder what the poor people are doing… :slight_smile:

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A great picture to point out the great differences between the two. Just look at the difference in size, and then there is the weight difference. Jaguar has not had a ‘sports car’ since the E was discontinued.

So true. When will we see some photos of yours and your son’s muscle cars? Has he fixed your computer yet?

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I maintain the E was much more a GT car than a sports car.

I think the S1 was a true sports car. It was rough and ready. But by the time the S3 hit the road, it had become a GT.

The view from the front is even more revealing of the size differential. The rear haunches of the F Type seem to be at the same level as the windscreen on the E. I know which one I prefer.


I had my share of ‘sports cars’ and the E-type still rings my bell. It was just fast enough, and handled well enough to make the grade. I had many Datsun Z cars and now have an S-2000 and a Miata that bring back the feeling. The XK-8 is a large, heavy cruiser, and I am thinking of getting rid of it. I recently picked up a 1992 300zx 5 speed, and it got rave reviews for all six years it was sold here. Again, too heavy, too big, and not a ‘sports car’.


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Tom: they are just like you see them on Ebay. Bring a Trailer and Facebook Marketplace. I am at the point of ‘thinning the herd’, and have to choose which ones stay and which ones go. If you don’t drive them and enjoy them, them what is the point of having them? I’d hate to be labeled as a hoarder. I did get rid of a BMW Z4 and a Boxster, and that should count for something.

Ron: this is your MO, which you repeat often, and is also often contradictory. Show photos, or the experience and ownership you claim to have simply doesn’t count.

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Tom: if you can manage it, come on down and I will show you the lot. I will put you up and feed you well. I am not on here to share pictures of cars or people. I am a retired collector and hobbyist; that’s all.


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Ron, I’d love to see photographs of your four E-Types and XK-120 from over the years. They’d be great to share on the Jag-Lovers site. That’s what we’re here for!

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Okay, @Ronald_Stephenson and @tommykat1, that’s enough. The two of you obviously have some kind of personal issue, but this is not the place for it.


I disagree big time, unless you mean that comfortable seats (1964-1974) and power steering make it a GT. I challenge any S1 3.8 in acceleration, top speed and lap time on a track, as long as everything is as originally, tire sizes, etc. with my Euro spec 1972 V12 OTS, unrestored and unmodified. So far no E-type has not beaten me over here or in Germany. YMMV. :slight_smile: