Looking at a Eagle Coachwork XK120G, One Question

I’m looking at an Eagle Coachwork XK120G project. I’m really tempted on pulling the trigger, but the brochure says pinto, mustang II or other 4 cylinder or V-6 or V8 engine.

Would I be able to squeeze a 3.8 XK engine in there?? That would be the deal breaker if it won’t fit.

It is fiberglass, so you can hack away at the body and make anything fit.

My concern is the frame as there’s a huge member across near the front. I just don’t want to reinvent the framework. The price is right, but if it’s going to cost a fortune to build I’ll probably pass.

Pictures and some relevant measurements are going to be needed.

Here’s a few pictures. Looking again the big member is attached to the body only…

Here’s the car… on FB Market. I think I’ll pass.

Good move…