Looking for a 2008 - 2009 XJ series, I'm in the Los Angeles area

We have three 2008 XJs, a Sedan a LWB and a Vanden Plas.
The LWB was just totaled in an accident because of the cost (affected the aluminum frame).
So we are looking for someone wanting to sell their 2008-2009 XJ, we live in the Los Angeles area.
I’m looking on VARIOUS web sites, even here, so far nothing.
We love these years!!
Thanks, Bill
PS - there are MANY for sale nation wide, I looked at one yesterday in Burbank and found water leak stains in the wool head rest & a rear end accident that was not listed in the Carfax.
So I need to see the car and I’m willing to travel to surrounding states.
Thanks again Jag lovers!!