Looking for a center console assembly!

(tylerwerrin) #1

I know this probably isn’t the sub-forum for this but I figured I’d give it a shot.

I was replacing the carpet in my XJ6 after a couple years of being in storage with plans on driving it around this summer - however, in so doing I broke my center console - the plastic braces at the fore and aft of the long center console assembly cracked and broke. i had already drilled out the rivets in the front of the assembly as I wasn’t sure how the whole darn thing came apart… and now, well it’s a mess.

I tried to repair it with some wood and epoxy, but it came out badly. If there’s anyone out here in jaguar land who has a biscuit center console assembly they are looking to unload… lemme know!

(Carl Hutchins, Jr. ) #2

Can’t tell what part of the planet you reside in.

But, if it is USA, I have the place.

David Boger. google or search here. Everydayxj.
Tons of parts, used and good and a lot of NOS.

Good guy, good stuff, good prices.


(tylerwerrin) #3

Hey Carl,

I’m down in Los Angeles - a brisk 400 mile jaguar journey from your neck of the woods. I emailed David to see if he can help me out - i didn’t see a center console assembly for sale in his parts collection, but maybe it just isn’t listed.

I wish the halcyon days of the early 2010s would come back for Jaguars in junkyards - sadly they seem to have passed, leaving me with few options (only a single trashed center assembly on Ebay… wrong color too.)

(jrinam) #4

I have a tan one from an '84 xjs and a red one from a '77 xj6. can get pics if either will work. shipping might be high from Pittsburgh, pa.

(Dr.Quail/ Jon Wallace) #5

I have an XJS center console in brown if it will help, good condition,fresno, CA, could fed ex to you…call me at 559-313-5410 for pricing and details, best, JW

(tylerwerrin) #6

Thanks for the responses! Are the xjs center console assemblies the same as the xj6 ones?

(Carl Hutchins, Jr. ) #7


Whew, why did I not recognize you ???
Of course, I know what country you are in. The independent republic of California. The Southern portion, perhaps to be split off come next election.

And, yes, David has a lot more stuff than ois on his web site. It isn’t every day that we Jag guys need a replacement console.

And, sadly, real estate is too valuable to use for slow moving parts.

Jaguar heaven in Stockton, if David doesn’t have one. They might, but inclined to be pricey, so I hear. Reputable and reliable.

It was within a few blocks of there that my DOHC last breathed.