Looking for a Halibrand type knock off for 52mm adapters

Does anyone offer a Halibrand style 3 eared knockoff for 52mm Rudge Whitworth adapters?


E Types have 52mm knockoffs but I don’t know anything about 52mm Rudge Whitworth adapters sorry.

Saw these the other day after someone posted about the site. I Have no idea if this is what you are after. The site is awesome though!

The porsche 356 crowd are into Rudge knock offs. They might be able to steer you in the right direction.


Thank you. I am familiar with these and will be picking up a set soon. I really had my heart set on the Cobra/GT 40 Halibrand style. I’m guessing I will have to have them made.
Thank you again. I greatly appreciate it.

You might try Orson Equipment in UK.


Crosswaite and Gardiner also make them:

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Realm also makes the open spinner type but they won’t fit on stock E type splines.