Looking for a new project

I am a proud owner of a 69 e type roadster since 1982, have done all the resto myself. The car is basically done and I use it and abuse it.
Now I have the urge to work on something new
I have been very interested in the xJS because it’s beautiful and affordable. Even more so if the engine is shot. I would love to put a Chevy V8 and 4 speed manual in one
It’s the pure meaning of Hot Rodding
No way am I going to restore a 12 cylinder Jaguar engine ., even if I do it myself stupid $$$
Lots of info on how to do it too

I also have a 1969 spare etype 6 cylinder I may throw in it ?
Fun to plan

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Well, I have an extra '69 2+2 (i do not need 5 E’s) rust free needing complete restoration. I have been wanting to trade it for a big Healey. But I could just sell it.
Mitch in Phoenix 970 779 0456

I want a XJS so I can stick a powerful Chevy V8 in it
I will buy it locally, there seem to be lots of them parked that have not moved in years
They are available in pretty good condition and if the engine is shot or suspect, very inexpensive
Lots of guys here have done it obviously
I think it’s the perfect platform for a fun project

A well sorted XJS is a dream to drive. Great hobby cars and, as you say, the buy-in cost is very low.

Paint-rust-chrome-leather can be umpteen thousands, though. But you already know that.


Drivetrain during and after the swap to an LT1 has been the easy part the last 150K ish on mine. While a beautiful and interesting and interestingly designed automobile, somehow any repair manages to be a huge pita compared to even conventionally considered “difficult” cars of the era (I’ve owned a number of them) between finding/affording parts and particulars of procedure required to not have to be doing it again. Not saying don’t do it, as they are beautiful and fine driving cars, but they are an expensive pita so you have to love em.
The v12 isn’t the only reason they are mostly seen parked for decades.
But they are cheap to buy…

Starting to get that vibe about them
Thanks for the heads up,

Take a look at Kirby Palm”a book. You can download it free. That will give you an idea of the non-powertrain related items that you need to be aware of.

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Great suggestion Bob
Good stuff