Looking for a nice coupe

Hi All-
I am looking for a nice XK coupe, 2012-14, under 40K miles, $35K or less.
There are a few on-line, but they have various red flags due to distance from Phoenix, service history, or obviously being rough even with low miles. My criteria are fairly narrow so this may not be a short search.
I’d obviously prefer a private-party sale vs. Uncle Joe’s Used Car Bonanza or similar sellers :).

Please PM me with any questions.

Found one. :grimacing:
Rene’ now has her own Jag to drive. :+1:


Wow, that’s a very sharp Jaguar!

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Everything I see on that photo is to be admired. Well done!

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Way to go Rene’. Really nice. Bob put the tool bag down.

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Thanks all! Rene’s Mazda was t-boned about a year ago and we’ve been trying to decide what to get to replace it, if anything. So she’s been driving the 98 3/4 ton Suburban. She wanted a “nice car that makes me feel good.”
I understand that,
We looked at a few different things and nothing that fit the budget jumped out. Lots of boring cars out there.

Then about 6 weeks ago I was leaving an appointment and a nice looking lady in a black 2010 xkr parked next to me. I told her I liked her Jag and she said “”I love this car. It’s a 2010 so I guess it’s old but I will never sell it.”

I had forgotten how much I liked X150 coupes. We researched and debated and found this one in Nevada. Flew up to check it out, it exceeded expectations in terms of condition and documentation, so we made a deal and drove it home. It’s only been a few days but the couple of times that I have been allowed to drive it I have been impressed. It’s tight, quiet and fast. Rene loves it more every time she drives it.

A 2012 you can find under 40K miles for under $35K easily; a 2014/15 at that price and mileage will be more difficult. More important than price and mileage with the 5.0L cars is regular oil changes and service every 15,000 miles. I found my 2015 on Autotrader, via a dealer. Also used CarGurus and CoPilot, searched many months for just what I wanted.

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We are just beginning to look for an XKRS like your wife’s. One question I have is how soft are the seats? Are they like the XK and XKR or are they like the F-Type, very hard? We currently have a Salsa Red 2015 F-Type R and drove it from Denver to Florida, 2 1/2 days. We just about could not walk by the time we go there. Are you comfortable driving your RS for long distances?
Steve in Denver

Hi Steve, responded to your PM.